Professional & Consumer Products Label & SDS Downloads

Labels and Safety Data Sheets for all of our Professional & Consumer products are available here. Please select the files you would like to download then click on the download button.

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Product Type Region Downloads
2,4-D Amine 625 Herbicide
3-D Herbicide Herbicide
Algaefix® Fungicide
Ametrex® Herbicide
Bobcat® Herbicide
Bronco® 400 Herbicide
Bronco® MA-X Herbicide
Bumper® 625 Fungicide
Captan Fungicide
Cavalier® 500 Herbicide
Cavalry® Weatherguard Fungicide
Chief® Aquaflo Fungicide
Citadel® Fungicide
Crest® Herbicide
Cutlass® 500 Herbicide
Cutlass® M Herbicide
Elevate® Herbicide
Encase™ Growth Regulators / Other
Enforcer® 75-D Herbicide
Fairway Herbicide
Fightback® Herbicide
Flagship® 400 Herbicide
Kohinor® 200 (No longer available) Insecticide
LVE MCPA Herbicide
Lynx® Herbicide
Magellan® 800WG Fungicide
Magnacide® H Herbicide
Marvel® 175 EC Growth Regulators / Other
Matrix® Herbicide
MCPA 750 Herbicide
Optiforce® Insecticide
Patriot® Fungicide
Quali-Pro Compass® Fungicide
Quali-Pro Evolution® Fungicide
Quali-Pro I-pro 365 Fungicide
Quali-Pro Marvel® Ultra Growth Regulators / Other
Quali-Pro® Prophesy Insecticide
Raizer® Growth Regulators / Other
Rely® Herbicide 10 GR Herbicide
Revere® 500 Herbicide
Rotary Max® Herbicide
Safari® 750 Herbicide
Simanex® WG Herbicide
Spraytop® Herbicide
Stadium® Turf Herbicide
Strike-Out® Insecticide
Suprathion® Insecticide
Triumph® 240 Fungicide
Uragan® Herbicide
Venom® Professional 100 Insecticide
Venom® Professional 240SC Insecticide
Victory® Herbicide
Victory® IVM Herbicide
Warden® Insecticide
Wetspray® 1000 Growth Regulators / Other
Wipe-Out® 450 Herbicide
Wipe-Out® Bio Herbicide
Wipe-Out® Pro Herbicide