Visits reach record high at ADAMA SA broadacre solutions site

THE Adama team in South Australia has hosted a record number of visitors at this year’s Broadacre Solutions Site near Templers, during its third year of operation.

With 75 per cent more visitors than previous years, the site has attracted over 250 growers, advisors and students from Adelaide University, giving them the chance to see the latest innovative crop protection and AgTech solutions being developed by Adama. The team has also worked closely with the Mid-North High Rainfall Zone Group to offer tours of the site in conjunction with their recent field day.

Adama market development manager for South Australia, Ashley Pilkington explained that the site was created to showcase how Adama’s existing portfolio of crop protection solutions can address key industry pain points.

“The Solutions Site is designed to be visual and interactive; a chance to walk through and look at what’s happening, not just stand back and look at data plots,” Ashley said.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to demonstrate older chemistry to young agronomists and growers, giving them a chance to see the physical crop effects that can happen first hand,”

“It also allows us to showcase new chemistry coming into the marketplace, and provides an opportunity to co-host Technical & Development screening trials so we can view new products as they’re being tested.”

The site features Adama’s latest AgTech innovations, including a Pessl Weather Station and a TrapView unit which showcase disease modeling and insect pest monitoring.

The cereal fungicide demonstration displayed great responses to various Septoria treatments and answered the question asked by many, “did I need to spray this year?”.

Ashley said that Radial and Topnotch have been definite talking points as well as Optex, Adama’s new plant growth regulator. The pre-emergent matrix showcases Ultro, a new pulse pre-emergent herbicide providing the opportunity to discuss rotation options with propyzamide. The post-emergent matrix features new Adama broadleaf weed control options, Quadrant and Outshine alongside industry standards including Adama’s own Triathlon and Vortex.

Reflecting on the pre-emergent matrix, Ashley expressed that Ultro is the most exciting product he’s seen for some time.

Adama market development manager for SA, Ashley Pilkington discussing Optex with agronomists at the Solutions Site.
The Adama Broadacre Solutions Site near Templers, SA

“Feedback from growers and agronomists has been excellent, with many commenting the site gave them the opportunity to learn about new product solutions which will help their daily challenges.”

The selection process for the site includes the use of drone technology to NDVI map paddocks to help source a suitable location.  Even soil types and weed pressure are also a major factor.

Ashley said the establishment of the site this season saw pre-emergent chemistry put under a lot of pressure from the dry start.

“We conduct extensive tests every year for Root Disease (Predicta B) and Ryegrass resistance through Dr Peter Boutsalis at Plant Science Consulting, which give the grower a valuable management tool for future decisions on the paddock we use,” Ashley said.

“We’ve come a long way from the initial site in 2016 at Kapunda. The operation has been steadily growing over the last three years, and this is the first time we’ve hosted a national audience and we’re keen to repeat this next year,”

“I’d like to thank the Carmichael family who have been very supportive over the last two years accommodating us. The team at AgXtra lead by Lachie Parker have also done a sensational job in getting the site established and making it a real success.”


(This article appeared in the October 2018 Edition of Rural Business Magazine)

The team use NDVI imagery from a drone to help select a site that is even is soil type and weed pressure.