Dani Harari

Senior Vice President Strategy & Resources

“Two key values lead me through my adult life: Humane and Professionalism, in that order of importance. People are the most valuable asset we have and the way they behave and collaborate is crucial to our success. Professionalism is the ideal of excellence inevitable for striving and sustainable business. As leaders, our role is to inspire, motivate, guide and nurture our people and mange carefully our resources and make us better.”

Dani Harari joined Adama in 2010. With childhood roots in a collective farm that his grandfather founded, Dani joined Adama after serving 32 years in the Israel Defense Forces holding the rank of Brigadier General. In his last position Dani served four years as commander of Unit 8200, the elite technology unit of the Intelligence Corps. 

In his role as head of Strategy, Dani is responsible for the design of Adama's yearly and long-term work plans processes, as well as Business Intelligence and the competitive landscape of the AgChem industry. 

As the executive manager in charge of Resources, Dani oversees the HR unit, as well as the IDT (Information and Digital Technologies) division. With the background of high technology, he supervises the Digital platforms and Services unit, as well as innovative partnerships with AgTech companies. 

His multifaceted responsibilities encourage valuable cross-department integration and collaboration. 

Dani holds B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature, M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, and M.A. in Political Science and National Security. 

Dani Holds The National Award of Israel Defense. 

Dani is married with two grown children, and he enjoys football, especially when Barcelona FC is playing.