Simply Grow Together

Simply. Grow. Together : Our promise to farmers, farming and our employees

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Simply. Grow. Together.

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This is ADAMA’s promise to farmers, farming and our employees. Three everyday words. Yet, they carry the potential to make a lasting difference to farming everywhere, while ensuring the sustainability of our company.

The ADAMA Landscape

Join us on a journey through ADAMA.

You’ll be able to learn about our heritage, purpose, values, promise and principles, and how they form the basis of our strategy moving forward and our commitment to putting farmers first.

Grow with ADAMA

Farmers deal with complex issues in their daily work. 

ADAMA’s goal is to create simplicity for growers across the full farming value-chain through our portfolio of crop protection solutions. 

With over 70 years of agronomic expertise in local and global markets, ADAMA’s unique mixtures, formulations and advanced solutions are specifically designed to help growers meet their daily challenges.

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Adama Key Facts

ADAMA Key Facts

Putting Farmers First

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At ADAMA, farmers are the starting point for everything we do

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Learn About ADAMA

At ADAMA we strive for a world where everybody has food security, and everybody in farming has a fulfilling and rewarding life. Sounds impossible? Many share this vision with us, but we do it differently.

Innovation at ADAMA


Farmers need practical solutions. 

Innovation is woven into every aspect of our business. We define innovation as culture and work processes to nurture new ideas, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, translated into economic value. 

At ADAMA we dare to think differently, putting the farmers’ problems in the center of our thinking. 

Advanced packaging, training seminars and digital tools illustrate our commitment to redefining the boundaries of crop protection.

Committed to preserving natural resources and reducing our ecological footprint.


Social Responsibility

Our future is tied to the communities in which we operate and the life of growers worldwide. 

Contributing time, ideas and resources brings our employees closer to each other and the world we live in.

We aim to conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, fairness, reliability, transparence and responsibility - values that we believe are crucial to our long term success. 

These values are reflected in our Corporate Governance policy, which sets the standard for all of ADAMA’s activities globally.


Connected to the Land

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Our name and logo reflect our belief in practical and innovative solutions that reach further than crop protection

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The Meaning of Adama

Our name and logo reflect our belief in practical and innovative solutions that reach further than crop protection, touching every aspect of a farmer’s business that can improve growth: yield growth, business growth, status growth, farming growth.

A Heritage of Farming

At our modest start nearly seven decades ago, we helped farmers turn the desert green in a sustainable way. 

Two sister companies, Makhteshim and Agan, embarked on a journey to turn a knowledge of chemistry and agrochemistry into solutions that could help feed the growing population of Israel, in spite of a shortage of natural resources.

Our local success evolved into a vision to provide high quality, uncompromisingly effective crop protection products to farmers the world over. 

With each decade, we extended our capabilities and grew into a global company.


The People of ADAMA

People of Adama

Simply Grow Together is also a manifesto for our thousands-strong global employee base. 

At ADAMA, our people are our most important asset and the driving force behind our success. Our environment demands excellence, promotes growth, and offers a wide range of professional development opportunities. Just ask anyone who works here. 

Over 7,000 professionals work at ADAMA, in over 100 countries. We firmly believe in the value of diversity and are looking for talented people from a broad range of backgrounds and outlooks.