Rolling out the red carpet for the 5th annual Make It Simple competition

The excitement was tangible in the packed auditorium. The teams had made the final cut, and presented to the audience. The votes had been counted. This was the moment the teams had worked so hard towards… Adama’s CEO Chen Lichtenstein would soon be announcing the winner of the fifth annual Make it Simple competition.

More than a hundred of Adama managers and executives gathered for the award ceremony in Jerusalem as part of the General Assembly, Adama's annual global leadership conference. The Make It Simple competition recognizes and celebrates the best examples of how Adama employees apply the company's values to every aspect of their work and the company's business. It is an internal competition which provides the opportunity for Adama colleagues and teams around the world to showcase their strengths and professionalism, and share best practices.

This year, 29 teams from 11 countries – entered the competition. “We are so excited about all the amazing projects that were submitted this year, which continue to build on the proud history of this competition,” said Ayelet Tako, Internal Communications Manager at Adama. “The sheer number of teams submitting their projects each year, and the diverse and wonderful things people are accomplishing throughout Adama and sharing on the Make It Simple platform, truly bring our values and promise to life.”

The winning team this year – from Adama India, who submitted a project to the Best Product Offering category – truly embodies the concept of Creating Simplicity in Agriculture by launching a product that was specifically developed with farmers’ needs in mind. Adama India launched a new product called Custodia which combines two active ingredients, allowing for dual mode of action against a wider range of diseases, improving the yield and quality of the produce. An exceptional commercial success since its launch, Custodia has grown to be one of Adama India's flagship products, proving the importance of proximity to the farmers. The winning team was selected from among five finalists, which also included:

·      Under the category of Best Marketing Project, Adama Mexico presented “Tierra Digital,” an informative mobile app developed by a team from Mexico. The app displays information about products, crops and key farming challenges, without the need for Internet access, which is often unreliable in the fields. It also scans QR codes on Adama’s product packaging and displays relevant information. Already in use in five Latin American countries and with a high satisfaction rate, the app is being rolled out to additional countries.  

·      Under the category of Best Operations Project, Every Drop Counts is a new production methodology created by a team in Israel. The new method, which improves the manufacturing yield, shortens the manufacturing time and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

·      Under the category of Best Organizational Project, I.5.0 is a new organizational process from a team in Mexico which improved internal communication and workflow in order to better serve Adama's customers. This process involves the creation of a work plan that aligns sales, inventory, customer experience and the customers’ future needs, in order to ensure the best possible customer service.

·      Under the category of Best Inspirational Project, “Proud to Be” is an employee recognition program from a team in Mexico. It is a program that communicates Adama’s values, demonstrates ways to incorporate them into every day work, and then gives employees the opportunity to recognize each other for the outstanding implementation of the company's values.

First prize in the competition is a trip for all the team members to any country in the world where Adama operates, during which the local team and the Make It Simple winners are able to share experience and learn from each other.

 “The Make It Simple competition is challenging, and the winners and finalists are rightfully proud of their accomplishments,” Tako said. “Sharing the results of these Make It Simple case studies throughout Adama not only gives recognition to the employees who participated, but provides a platform for sharing the best ideas throughout the company, so that we can continuously learn from each other and improve in our respective geographies.”

make it simple
Ayelet Tako and Kay Reed, co-presenting the Make it Simple award ceremony
make it simple
All Category winners
make it simple
Winner of this year's competition - India