Savouring the delicious simplicity of East African food

Travelling to Africa to learn yet another use of magnificent maize 

At Adama we are passionate about food, farming and celebrate the rich diversity of cuisine globally.  What better way to explore foods of the world than talking to our extensive Adama team globally.  Robert Wachira, who is responsible for our Product Development and Promotion in East Africa is acutely aware of the consequences of food shortages in Africa – this is why he relishes working in crop protection.  Helping to ensure that there is enough safe food for everyone is what makes him get up and go every morning.  Robert proudly shared his favourite national dish with us, using a key crop from his region.

Maize, which was domesticated in central Mexico around 1500 BC, was brought to Africa around AD 1500. Having spread to all corners of the continent, it is now Africa's most important cereal crop. Let’s take a look at Robert’s recipe.

Recipe for UGALI:

- Ugali is simply made by adding Maize flour into boiling water and mixing/mashing to a consistency that is semi solid close to polenta.

Best eaten with fish (chicken or beef stew) and green vegetables like kale or spinach.

It is mostly eaten by the locals using bare hands.

Simple, nutritious, delicious!

Robert Wachira
Robert Wachira relaxing and enjoying his UGALI
A filling plate of ugali, kale and hearty stew
A filling plate of ugali, kale and hearty stew
African food recipe