Zooming in on food of India – the land of spices

Packed with protein and enjoyed the world over, learn how to make your own Dal

Indian cuisine has a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent.  The region has great diversity in climate, soil type, culture, traditions and ethnic groups which results in a variety of cuisines using many local ingredients including spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 

Indian cuisine is loved and enjoyed the world over, so we were delighted to talk to Dr Pullaiah Narahari, Director of Portfolio and Strategy in Adama India about food and farming.  Also interesting is that Dr Narahari was the first employee of ADAMA India (Makhteshim Agan as was) & has played a pivotal role along with other founding members in shaping up ADAMA India as a leading Agrochemical company in India. Commenting on his career, food and farming he said “Agriculture is a 'way of life' & the oldest profession which helped the rise of human civilization & economy.  It makes me proud to be associated with one of the most critical parts in the entire food value chain and the joy of feeding the world. In celebration of World Food Day, I am delighted to share my favourite dish, Dal Chawal.”  

This well known dish includes the world’s oldest cultivated legume, the lentil.  Lentils have become a staple across the globe.  Due to their size, lentils cook much more quickly than dried beans and do not have to be soaked before cooking. They are extremely versatile and inexpensive contributing to their wide use in cooking.

Dal Chawal Recipe:

Dal (Red gram/Pigeon Pea) is a soup made from:

- Lentils

- Tomato/tamarind

All ingredients should be fried in a mix of Indian spices:

- Garlic, Turmeric

- Jeera (Cumin)

- Mustard

- Curry leaves & Chilli to taste.

Dal can be enjoyed with both Rice as well as the Indian bread (Roti).  If served with rice, it should be cooked to ensure a non-sticky consistency.

Dal varies in its taste and preparation according to the area of India.


Dr Pullaiah Narahari in his office
Dr Pullaiah Narahari in his office
Tasty Dal Chawal dish
Tasty Dal Chawal dish
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