A journey into the exquisite fresh flavors of Turkey

Savour and enjoy rich Turkish food dating back to Ottoman cuisine

Turkish cuisine (Turkish: Türk mutfağı) is largely the continuation of Ottoman cuisine, which in turn borrowed many elements from Central Asian, Caucasian(Circassian), Middle Eastern (Arab and Kurdish) and Balkan (Albanian and Greek) cuisines. Turkish cuisine has in turn influenced those and other neighbouring cuisines.

Turkish food varies across the country. The cooking of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, and rest of the Aegean region inherits many elements of Ottoman court cuisine, with a lighter use of spices, a preference for rice over bulgur, koftes and a wider availability of vegetable stews (türlü), eggplant, stuffed dolmas and fish.

We spoke to Funda Erdogmus, our Marketing Manager for Adama Turkey, based in Izmir to talk Agriculture and food. Funda is a big believer that for her “Agriculture is not a job, it’s a lifestyle”.  Indeed agriculture plays a great role in all of our lives, providing food as our fuel.  Funda spends valuable time with Turkish farmers admiring their hard work year after year.    

Funda’s favorite national dish, Sarma uses so many fresh, vibrant ingredients from her country and key to the region are pine nuts. The cultivation of pine nuts from its trees may take 18-20 years. After cultivation of the cones, they are left to dry and the nuts are separated mechanically. Afterwards, the outer shell of the pine nut is removed giving us the ingredient we know and love.  Please do make and enjoy Funda's recipe below.

Sarma Recipe:


- Grape/vine Leaves

- Grated Onion

- Rice

- Lemon

- Allspice

- Dried Mint

- Blackcurrant

- Pine Kernel

- Olive Oil

- Salt and Black Pepper


First of all, bake the onions with olive oil, and then respectively add pine kernels, rice, blackcurrants, allspice, mint, salt and black pepper.

Pour in some water to cook the rice a little. The grape/vine leaves should be placed in hot water for a few minutes till their color changes.

Afterwards, wrap the grape/vine leaves with the rice mixture.

Enjoy the flavors of this dish dating back to the cuisine of the former Ottoman Empire.   


Funda Erdogmus holding a delicious Sarma dish
Funda Erdogmus holding a delicious Sarma dish
Turkish food
Olive Oil, Onions, Vine Leaves, Rice, Lemon, Allspice, Dried Mint, Blackcurrant, Pine Kernels
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