Highlights from the Potato Europe Event

Potatoes are a key crop for Europe’s agriculture industry and for Adama in the region, according to Olaf van Campen, Adama’s Northern European Crop Manager for potatoes 

Interviewed at a rainy and windswept Potato Europe event in the Netherlands, Olaf said:

“On a per hectare basis, potatoes are one of the most valuable crops, while there is a lot of energy and innovation demonstrated by potato growers. You can see that at Potato Europe, which is the most important potato event for us. Despite the weather that led to the first day being cancelled, plenty of growers turned up on the second day to see the latest technology.”

Olaf is based in Emmeloord, the host of Potato Europe, which bills itself as the ‘World Potato City’. The Dutch market is very important to Adama because of its place as the world’s largest producer of seed potatoes and one of the most important producers of fries and starch potatoes as well as fresh table potatoes. But Adama is active in potato markets across Europe, as well as in Netherlands, selling vital crop protection products in Belgium, France, Germany and UK, as well as countries like Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

“Potato growers across Europe, including in the East are getting larger and more technically sophisticated. They need products that protect their crops effectively, but there is pressure on the registration of some products that is leading to withdrawals. Adama is focusing on using existing active ingredients in a way that control weeds and disease, while preventing resistance,” he added

Adama used Potato Europe to highlight two of its new potato products. Banjo Forte is a fungicide and Talent is a sprout growth regulator.

Olaf believes that potato production has a very bright future in Europe as growers continue to supply markets near to home, but also develop new ones as consumers across the world develop a taste for the crop.

“The slogan of this year’s Potato Europe was ‘Potatoes feed and meet the World.’ Potatoes certainly have a place in achieving that aim and Adama is proud to be helping farmers grow the crop more successfully.”

Growers arrive at Potato Europe to see the latest technology
Bike Park - It must be a Dutch potato event
Olaf van Campen at a rainy Potato Europe
Potatoes are a key crop for Europe’s agriculture industry and for Adama in the region