Experience in established and developing markets means Adama is a world potato leader

Olaf Van Campen, Adama’s Potato Crop Manager predicts an exciting future for potatoes.

“Farmers across the world are seeing the potato as a way to feed people with a nutritious food that uses precious resources, such as water, successfully.
The potato has been a major crop in regions of the world such as Europe and North America for many years and it continues to develop in those regions as farmers invest in seed, farm machinery and storage. But some of the most exciting growth is in countries where potatoes have not been so traditionally popular.

Adama is emerging as one of the world’s most important providers of potato crop protection with a strong range of products that allow growers to combat weeds, pests and disease and reduce the risk of resistance to established products. It is well known that Adama is a world leader in patent-free products, but the company is also focusing on developing new products. More than €150 million is spent on research and development every year and potatoes are one of the crops that is benefitting from that investment.
An example of Adama’s practical approach to developing new products is Banjo Forte. It is a late blight control that contains the active substances dimethomorph and fluazinam. Adama’s special formulation means that Banjo Forte can tackle the phytophthora spores that lead to late blight, which is the world’s most damaging potato disease and a disease that can change rapidly and be difficult to control.

When it comes to pests, nematodes are perhaps the most damaging to potato plants. Existing products have had problems with availability and efficacy so Adama has developed Nimitz, a nematicide containing a new active ingredient called fluensulfone. Unlike existing products, Nimitz kills nematodes and leaves their eggs unviable after application, while protecting beneficial and non-target insects.

Adama’s unique business structure means that it can benefit from the best research in established potato markets, but also take advantage of the opportunities in fast-growing new markets. Adama’s Israeli heritage means that it has gained many years of experience in helping growers produce potatoes in hot and dry conditions that require irrigation. With populations in countries and regions such as India and Africa growing rapidly and getting a greater taste for potatoes, this experience is invaluable.
I live in Emmeloord which many call the World Potato City. Many of the Dutch potato breeding programmes are based in the area and, with Dutch seed potato exports at nearly 900,000 tonnes a year, many of these potatoes are sent around the world. Adama works closely with local seed breeders to develop its products and ensure they work as effectively as possible.

These established centres of excellence are now complemented by research and development and manufacturing bases in China and India. Adama’s part-ownership by ChemChina means that it has access to unique active ingredients that will play an important role in protecting potatoes across the world.

There is an exciting future for potatoes and Adama has an important role in that future as it combines its unique position of knowledge and experience in established markets with its growing presence in fast-growing developing markets.”

Olaf Van Campen - Article - Crop
Adama is emerging as one of the world’s most important providers of potato crop protection
Olaf Van Campen - Article - Man
Olaf van Campen