Adama introduces Trapview to simplify monitoring pest populations In line with the company’s strategy to deliver innovative digital solutions and to create simplicity in agriculture, Adama has partnered with EFOS to be the exclusive distributor in both Australia and New Zealand for the Trapview automated pest monitoring systems, which became available in July. 

Trapview utilises innovative technology to provide a simplified solution to monitoring insect populations. It works by taking images and providing digital recognition of pests lured to traps in the field, processing the data and sharing it directly with the user. 

Photographs are captured daily at user defined times in line with the crop and target pest and then archived using a cloud based system. The fully integrated system provides analysis of the situation and rapid pest alerts so that pest populations and their dynamics can be monitored on desktop and mobile devices, making advisors and their growers aware of the pest situation in the field in near real time and enabling more strategic application of control options. 

Trapview was launched at the 2015 National Horticulture Convention and Trade Show on the Gold Coast, Australia. “Through Trapview, we are introducing an innovative technology that goes far beyond any current offering in the market place and clearly addresses issues that our customers have identified”, said Adama Australia Digital Innovation Manager Alex Mills. 

“Trapview is available from July to agronomists of Adama distribution partners who will benefit from using this unique tool to monitor Codling moth, Lightbrown apple moth and other pests in tree crops such as almonds, avocadoes, pome and stonefruit. We have also had significant interest from agronomists involved with canola, cotton, chick peas, vegetables and grapes who see the potential for tracking Diamondback moth, Heliothis, Native bud worm, Potato moth and Queensland Fruitfly,“ Mr Mills said. If a pest can be lured and captured in a trap using pheromones or UV light, it can be monitored using Trapview. 

“Trapview is Simple to implement. Simple to use. Simple to trust. The benefits for agronomists include the ability to more precisely provide the right solution at the right time, labour efficiencies and a more simplified means of administration and communication with growers. Benefits for their growers include improved timing and increased accuracy of monitoring, resulting in more effective control measures.” 

We will continue to work with partners locally and globally to ensure we deliver powerful digital tools that complement the right chemistry to help simplify the complex job that growers face each day,” said Mr Mills. For more information visit