Bringing Our Values to Life with Make It Simple

Bringing our values to life is a key focus of Adama’s prestigious annual "Make It Simple" Competition, weaving “getting it done,” “creating simplicity,” “empowering people” and “passion” into the fabric of our company culture. These values are central to the company culture, and pervade every aspect of our work. 

Every September the call for competition entries goes out throughout Adama, and the award categories are publicized: “Best Marketing Project,” “Best Organizational Process Project”, “Best Operations Project”, “Best Product Offering Project”, and “Best Inspirational Project.” 

Following this call, Adama colleagues and teams from around the globe contemplate their best projects of the past year – those which showcase the strengths, professionalism and diversity of the company. They then brainstorm and craft their competition entries, which include a creative statement and video that are shared on the company’s global employee portal. 

After an extensive winnowing process from scores of entries, five finalists are selected, and a representative from each finalist team flies to Adama headquarters to proudly present the project to Adama’s top leadership at a festive gala event at our General Assembly, Adama’s annual global leadership conference. To further enhance the value of the program, a public speaking coach mentors each team representative, to help polish their presentations and impart a professional development lesson that will last a lifetime. 

The votes are counted and the winning team is awarded the trip of their dreams to any Adama region in the world, in a journey that mixes business and pleasure and provides a chance for the employees to share their experience with each other.

Projects from All Business Fields
Every aspect of our business is fair game for the Make It Simple competition, from marketing and business strategy to production and safety to branding and human resources, many entries sharing groundbreaking results. Some examples include:

• Informative mobile app that displays information about products, crops and farming challenges, even when Internet access is unavailable (Mexico, finalist 2015)
• Highly successful product launch of CUSTODIA, which became an exceptional commercial success, and makes it easier and more efficient for farmers to care for their crops (India, winner 2015) 
• Advanced R&D production technique for safer, more environmentally friendly manufacturing process for a key active ingredient (Israel Agan, winner 2011)
• Appreciation program which recognizes employees who reflect Adama's values in an outstanding manner (Mexico, finalist 2015)

Besides the recognition certificates and prizes that the finalists and winners receive and the celebration of Adama’s values, the competition provides a platform for sharing creative concepts throughout the company, with the ultimate goal of our employees around the world adopting them to improve their business and processes. 

This entrenched tradition fosters an attitude of innovation throughout the company, and empowers each employee to introduce new techniques and ideas into the Adama community. So that every year we ask ourselves, “what new, exciting innovation will my colleagues think of next?”
Make it Simple
2011 Winners - Adama Agan Israel
Make it Simple
2012 Winners - Adama India
Make it Simple
2013 Winners - Adama Argentina
Make it Simple
2014 Winners - Adama Poland
Make it Simple
2015 Winners - Adama India