Technical Helpline FAQ's

Read the latest frequently asked questions Chris receives each month on our technical helpline.

Q) What products can be tank mixed with Keystone?

A) Keystone has a wide range of compatible mixing products. See the current tank mix list for more information

Q) What is the best time to apply Mavrik to Oilseed rape for controlling Cabbage Seed Weevil?

A) Apply Mavrik during the flowering period when the threshold for Seed Weevil is met. *ADAS thresholds are 0.5 weevils / plant in northern Britain, 1 weevil / plant elsewhere. For best use guidance see the Mavrik Technical Bulletin**Link to bulletin.

Q) Does Folpet offer any activity against Ramularia in Barley?

A) Folpet has demonstrated a reduction in Ramularia when used at the T2 timing with a mixing partner. For more information on barley disease management please refer ADAMA’s barley disease guide. 

Q) Where can I find an up-to-date potato variety list for Shotput use?

A) The Shotput variety list is updated each year and can be found here 

Chris Menzie Adama