Technical Helpline FAQ's

Read the latest frequently asked questions Chris receives each month on our technical helpline.

Q. Are there any varietal restrictions with Tower?

A. No – there are no longer any varietal restrictions on winter/ spring wheat and winter/spring Barley.


Q. How Rainfast is Falcon?

A. Falcon has a rainfastness of 1 hour.


Q. What is the Blanco buffer zone?

A. The Blanco buffer zone has been reduced to 5m (from 10m) – The MAPP number 16704 remains the same, however, growers using the product must have a new 5m label for their records. This can be accessed here or can be emailed by contacting the helpline.


Q. Can I re-sow winter wheat in the Autumn if my oilseed rape crop fails?

A. Yes, providing the land is cultivated to a depth of 15cm winter wheat and winter barley can be re-drilled. Please contact our technical helpline for more information. 


Q. How many times can I apply Gusto to my field in Autumn?

A. A maximum application of 210g as/ha can be applied between 1st August and 31st December. 2 applications of Gusto3 is within this limit. Do not apply Gusto when drains are flowing or if heavy rainfall is forecast – for more information please download the #wateraware app here 

Chris Menzie Adama