WaterAware App - Now featuring #SlugAware

UK agriculture has lost over 70% of the active substances at its disposal since the early 1990’s, this combined with the increasing technical challenge posed by resistance, drives the need to protect the remaining modes of action we have at our disposal. With 42 percent of the 486 drinking water protected areas in England at risk, the enhanced WaterAware application is essential in the coming months.
To promote responsible use Adama are committed to developing technically robust, sustainable products and solutions.  Reducing the frequency and magnitude of key active ingredients exceedances in raw water is currently a key focus area in order to avoid the potential need for additional regulatory measures to deliver compliance. 
The WaterAware app spatially assimilates soil type and soil moisture deficit information along with forecasted weather conditions and uses a traffic light system to advise farmers and sprayer operators when it is safe or unsafe to make chemical or pellet applications.
The latest phase incorporates Adama’s new #SlugAware feature which enables users to assess the risk of slug and snail activity on a field-by-field basis.

“The Adama Water Aware app is a really easy to use field based risk assessment, by using it in my opinion shows you are doing the responsible thing, protecting our water and ensuring our ever decreasing number of active ingredients are given every chance of survival. It uses data from many sources to calculate the risk of the selected pesticide moving from the soil into the water course, making the job of selecting a spraying / spreading window the most beneficial for farmer and environment.“Pip Partridge, YEN Grower
"The WaterAware app gives us an easy to use and understandable format to help base the current decisions for product choice and timing at critical points of year for product efficacy and water protection. The traffic light system is quick and easy to interpret to make an informed choice on selection / timing. The use of smart technology is becoming ever more important in agriculture and to have this information readily available in the field is a great addition to our decision support"  -  Ian Holmes, Strawson Ltd Agronomist & Adama YEN Grower

"I find the app a really usful aid to confirm whether it's safe to apply products. The traffic light system is very easy and quick to refer to. The whole app is easy to navigate around.”  -  Iain Robertson, Adama YEN Grower
BASIS and NRoSO points available for using the app.
The app is designed to work on Android devices with an operating system of 4.0 (API level 14) or higher and on iOS devices capable of supporting iOS 8 (e.g. iPhone 4).
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