Bringing Our Values to Life

Our Values

Getting it done

We are proud of how we roll our sleeves up and get things done. This deeply engrained value reminds us of how important it is to deliver on our promises.

Creating Simplicity

In an ever-complex world, part of our contribution is to create solutions that are accessible, easy to use and which work.

Empowering People

Empowering our people requires us to lift our expectations and create the conditions for others to succeed and grow. Building confidence, coaching, mentoring, engaging, inspiring and providing resources all contribute to this vital value.


We are passionate about agriculture, this value reminds us that work is a personal, emotional business and that we need to match our passion with high levels of professionalism and responsibility.

The ADAMA Awards

A way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding outstanding contributions, efforts, attitudes and commitments of employees. The awards are based on our values, getting it done, creating simplicity, empowering people and passion. 


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