Shavit F 71.5 WP

A broad spectrum; combines systemic properties of triadimenol with contact attributes of folpet to offer curative and protective results. Compatible with insecticides, foliar fertilizers and copper-based agro-chemicals. Effective against powdery/downy mildew, Anthracnose, Alternaria, early/late blight, Botrytis, Septoria leaf spot



  • Powdery mildew

  • Downy mildew

  • Anthracnose

  • Alternaria

  • early blight

  • late blight

  • Botrytis

  • Septoria leaf spot

More Information


Fruit trees (mango, citrus, pawpaw), vegetables (onion, garlic, sharlot, eggplant, tomato), cucumber, water melon, ornamentals

Active ingredient

Folpet 700 + Triadimenol 15 g/kg