Agil 100 EC



  • annual grasses

  • perennial grasses

  • Sorghum halepense

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Benefits for the Farmer

Highly Effective
  • Capable of controlling hard to kill grasses, which allow good crop development
Fast Acting
  • Stops competition of the weed with your crop immediately
  • Symptoms visible within 5-7 days, so it's easier to manage your farm
Flexible and ease of use
  • Larger application window
  • Agil can be used in large number of crops
  • No need to use Surfactant
  • Rain fast in 1 hour – you can use Agil under variable weather conditions
Crop Safety
  • Safe at recommended dosage to all of the registered crops
No Residue In Soil

Treated Cotton Field with Agil

Treated Cotton Field with Agil

Untreated Cotton Field

Untreated Cotton Field

Active ingredient

Propaquizafop 100 EC