Trident® (No longer available)

A water dispersible granule formulation for the post-emergence and salvage control of certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereals (including those undersown with clover, lucerne, or medics); clover, fenugreek, lathyrus, lucerne, medic, serradella, and vetch (Popany only) seed crops and pastures; chickpeas, field peas, lentils, maize, peanuts; and for the pre-emergence control of certain broadleaf weeds in maize, pigeon peas and soybeans.

trident herbicide packshot

Key issues controlled

  • Capeweed

  • Spiney Emex

  • Small Flowered Marshmallow

  • Fumitory

Active Ingredient

flumetsulam 800 g/kg

Formulation Type

WG - Water Dispersible Granule