A unique insecticide combination that provides rapid and extended control or suppression of many key pests that attack Avocado, Citrus, Grape, Macadamia and Mango crops. Key targets include Californian red scale, fruit/banana spotting bug, grapevine scale, longtailed mealybug, citrus mealybug, pink wax scale, kelly’s citrus thrips and light brown apple moth. Flexible spray program option that is highly compatible with tank mixing partners, has excellent crop safety and low to moderate disruption of beneficial arthropods.


Key issues controlled

  • Fruitspotting Bug / Banana Spotting Bug

  • Citrus Mealybug

  • Pink Wax Scale

  • Kelly's Citrus Thrips

  • Grapevine Scale

  • Light Brown Apple Moth

  • Longtailed Mealybug

  • Californian Red Scale

Active Ingredient

acetamiprid 186 g/L + pyriproxyfen 124 g/L

Formulation Type

DC - Dispersible Concentrate