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Introducing the NEW Trapview Predictive Pest Network

Powered by ADAMA

ADAMA has been working with the Trapview technology in Australia for over seven years and can now offer Australian agriculture the first integrated network of smart insect traps for predicting pest pressure.


How does Trapview work?

How does Trapview work?

Trapview utilises revolutionary technology in a fully integrated system to provide an innovative, simplified solution for monitoring insect populations.

It operates by capturing images and providing digital recognition of lured pests using Trapview smart traps. Pest populations and their dynamics are then shared across the network of traps allowing for near real time monitoring of pest movements across a large area.

Results can be accessed via a paid subscription service on desktop and mobile devices via the Trapview App, with the system providing rapid pest alerts to the licensed user allowing awareness of the pest situation near them, enabling a more timely and strategic application of control options. They will also receive daily and weekly reports detailing pest detection, pest movement and development stages.

The network will provide agronomists and growers with near real time insight on pest activity within their region, allowing greater understanding of pest pressure, optimised choice and precise timing of control options.


Trapview Smart Trap in NSW

Trapview Smart Trap Moree NSW

What insects will be monitored?

What insects will be monitored?

The ADAMA Trapview Predictive Pest Network will initially launch for four keys pests across key growing regions in Australia. The entire network will consist of some 500+ remote traps that will span from Southern Queensland all the way around to South Australia.  The first four pests that will be monitored across our network of traps are:

1) Helicoverpa (punctigera)+ now also includes Etiella Behrii - NEW for 2021(Live July - November)

2) Green Mirid(Live November - March)

3) Diamondback Moth(Launching November 2021)

4) Codling Moth(Launching September 2021)

The map below illustrates where the initial networks will be set up for these pests. There will be an ongoing expansion project as each network is established.

Click the links underneath the map to learn more about the relevant Pest Networks you're interested in...

These networks and new pests will continue to be expanded and developed over the coming years. Current pests in development include; Etiella, Fall Armyworm, Queensland and Mediterranean Fruit Fly and Light Brown Apple Moth.

Trapview Map Graphic

Network Coverage


Covering cotton regions in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, up to southern Queensland enabling timely detection of Green Mirid in cotton.


Covering key Apple regions of Victoria and Tasmania enabling early detection of Codling Moth.


Over 100 traps across SA & VIC enabling early detection of Helicoverpa Punctigera in pulses and canola, plus Etiella Behrii in lentils.


Centred initially around the vegetable growing region in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, this network will launch March 2021.


Hear more about our networks from the ADAMA Australia team, plus from some of our customers on their experiences with Trapview last season.

Unique crop pest monitoring solution brings multiple benefits

Unique crop pest monitoring solution brings multiple benefits

FARM advisers and growers are already looking forward to the second instalment of an innovative pest monitoring network this season that is helping to save time and significantly improve pest management in pulse and oilseed crops.

Some also have claimed the unique monitoring system aids improved grain quality and, hence, higher potential returns for growers.



Subscription Details

A 12-month subscription to the network costs just $500 per user. Benefits include:

- Valuable and actionable information delivered to you via SMS and email

- Improved timing of insecticide applications

- Inventory management

- Improved efficiency in the field

- A clear understanding of pest pressure within your region and the entire network

Click here to subscribe to the Trapview Predictive Pest Network Now!

Got a question? Get in touch with the ADAMA team to find out more about the Trapview Predictive Network.