Codling Moth Predictive Pest Network

The NEW Codling Moth network will have traps initially placed throughout key Apple regions of Victoria and Tasmania. This network will enable early detection of Codling Moth and allow agronomists to track growth stages using in-built degree day modelling to be able to advise growers on the best timing for control. Further expansion of this network will occur into other growing regions throughout 2021 & 2022.


About Codling Moth

About Codling Moth

A key pest of apples and pears, codling moth activity occurs once temperatures increase in spring. Local moth flights start to occur once average temperatures reach 15 degrees or above. Moths lay eggs on the surface of the leaves, eggs hatch ten days later, young larvae will then target the fruit. Typically, there are three generations per season depending on temperatures.


Trap Types

Delta Trap in Apples


Codling Moth Product Solutions

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