Diamondback Moth Predictive Pest Network

The NEW Diamondback Moth network will be centred initially around the vegetable growing region in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, launching in March 2021. This network will be established with a new and innovative ‘winged trap’ that enables highly effective trapping and therefore a more accurate indication of pressure. The network will provide pest lifecycle modelling to assist in controlling multiple generations.


About Diamondback Moth

About Diamondback Moth

Diamondback Moth is a damaging pest of brassica crops. Damage is a result of larvae feeding predominately on leaf tissue, but it is not uncommon for damage to occur on flowers and pods of crops. Larvae hatch from eggs that are laid on stems and leaves of plants, female moths can lay up to 150 eggs during her lifetime. There are multiple number of generations a year and the speed of development is driven by temperature. 


Trap Types

Wing Trap in Leafy Veg

Diamondback Moth

Plemax - Leafy Veg

Diamondback Moth Product Solutions

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