Green Mirid Predictive Pest Network

The NEW Green Mirid network extends from the southern cotton growing regions in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, up to the southern Queensland cotton regions. This network will enable timely detection of Green Mirid in cotton and allow agronomists to advise growers on the best timing for control. Further expansion of this network will occur in 2021.

About Green Mirid

About Green Mirid

Green Mirid

Green Mirid are a key pest of cotton crops attacking the growing point of cotton plants causing wilting, delayed maturity and yield losses. Damage occurs from both adults and nymphs. Mirids are predominantly a migratory insect that migrate from arid inland regions of Australia on weather events although a small population will live in local regions sheltering in refuge over winter.


Trap Types

Funnel Trap in Cotton

Green Mirid Product Solutions

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