Liz Lobsey

ADAMA Chris Lehmann Trust Young Cotton Achiever Award FINALIST 2017

Through her work as an agronomist in Southern QLD, Liz has made major contributions to the cotton industry both in the field and in a representative capacity.

“We work with the growers to make sure they re doing everything that they can be doing to maximise the yields,” Liz says. “We deliver messages that researchers are trying to get out there and help growers put it into practice. Sometimes I forget how big the job actually is, because it s part and parcel of what I do every day.”

In 2016 Liz was appointed Director of Crop Consultants Australia, fostering professional development opportunities for younger board members and participating in the critical work of CCA s Helicoverpa resistance monitoring team.

Liz is currently also Chair of the Darling Downs Cotton Growers Inc Field Day Committee, sits on the Executive Committee of Darling Downs Cotton Growers Incorporated and has previously served as Secretary of Central Downs Irrigators.

“Being involved in Central Downs Irrigators was a good opportunity for me to get a bit more awareness of what was involved with the irrigation side of it and what restrictions they have on them,” Liz explains. “To step away from what I do daily helps me have a broader understanding of what s going on for the grower, so it makes communication a little bit easier.”

As Chair of the Darling Downs Cotton Growers Inc Field Day Committee, Liz helped organise all aspects of Darling Downs Cotton Grower of the Year field day at “ Tinobah ” in March 2017. The field day boasted the highest number of grower attendees for at least five years.

Being actively involved in the Australian Cotton Conference Organising Committee has further expanded Liz’s involvment in the industry and in 2014 she became an Art 4 Agriculture Cotton Young Farming Champion. Through Art4Ag she participated in a program which aimed to advanc e Australian agriculture through collaboration, education and sharing stories. Liz has widely shared her passion for agriculture with many schools and universities, talking about the industry and her role. She believes the next generation are key to the continued success of the cotton industry and that it is essential to continue raising awareness externally while also providing internal networks of support for young people in the cotton industry.

Liz was actively involved in the organisation and delivery of the 2014 and 2016 conferences which are important events on the cotton calendar. In 2014, Liz participated in the Australia Future Cotton Leaders Program, initiating the Next Gen Cotton Forum as part of the Cotton Conference Program. The session brought emerging cotton industry leaders aged 18-35 together with established leaders to focus on the future of the cotton industry.

“I like to think that I can help the next generation gain a bit of confidence within themselves to step it up and ask questions that they don t think they have the confidence to ask,” Liz added.

Liz Lobsey - ADAMA Chris Lehmann Trust Young Cotton Achiever Award Finalist 2017