Andrew McMahen

Runner Up ADAMA Young Agronomist of the Year 2015

Andrew McMahen
Landmark, Manangatang, Victoria

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons)

Key Crops:
Wheat, Chickpeas, Pasture, Potatoes.

In your view, what do growers need most from you as their agronomist?
To be an information source and providing growers with the most relevant, up to date and science based information for decisions to be made on.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in getting young people involved in agronomy?
That agriculture in general is not perceived as being a wise career by a large portion of the public. This is not going to change until education of agriculture within both the primary and secondary systems improves. I feel much more could be done in later secondary schooling to better advertise the link of agronomy to subjects such as chemistry and biology.

Where do you see the future of agronomy heading?
More automated, and technology will be more widely used. A greater emphasis will placed on data collection and precision agriculture, and I think that satellite imagery will become much better and more widely used for zoning. New sensory equipment will allow for new in-crop spray options where weeds can be identified and individually targeted on the fly.