Kirsty Smith

Adama Young Agronomist of the Year 2017/18

Kirsty Smith
Landmark, Albany, Western Australia

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Diploma of Agronomy

Key crops:
Wheat, Canola, Pasture, Barley, Grapes, Potatoes

What do you love most about being an agronomist?
The people I get to work with and the fact that every day brings a different challenge that we have to adapt to and learn from.

How do you see the future of agriculture and agronomy?
Agronomy and agriculture have a very bright future! Never before have people been so in-tune with what they eat and where their food comes from. We're in the box seat and it's an industry that is only ever going to keep growing as our technologies advance and develop.

What top three tips would you give to an agronomist just starting out in the industry?

  1. Never be afraid to say you are unsure of something. Better to take the time to find the correct answer than to give the wrong one. Take on something new and continue to learn the whole way through your career.
  2. Treat everyone with the same level of respect, even if they are not the ‘best’ or ‘biggest’ or most progressive farmers. You never know who they will be talking to, and you will be able to have the biggest positive impact on people who may need your help more than the person down the road.
  3. If given the chance, work across a number of rainfall zones. It will teach you to be aware of things such as gross margins, excess spending, not enough spending, different limiting factors etc. Chasing yield with different risk profiles is a complicated issue yet at the end of the day no matter what rainfall zone you are in, gross margins are probably not that dissimilar. You will learn a great deal from doing this.
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Kirsty Smith - Adama Young Agronomist of the Year 2017/18