Matt Foulis

Runner Up ADAMA Young Agronomist of the Year 2015

Matt Foulis
Northern Ag, Wilmington, South Australia

Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science)

In your view, what do growers need most from you as their agronomist?
Honest and professional advice on all things agronomy, whilst understanding the impacts of the advice on whole farm business profitability and sustainability. On farm visits and crop inspections are essential to ensure the correct advice is given in regard to farm system choices, product options and timing.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in getting young people involved in agronomy?
The stigma of agriculture being boring. Agronomy needs to be advertised more for it's scientific elements to attract more highly intelligent students. Lack of pay is another major issue in terms of getting young people involved. Agronomy is struggling to compete with other science based careers.

Where do you see the future of agronomy heading?
With a significantly larger range of technology (in the form of mapping, plant and soil testing, new chemistry etc.) becoming available to growers, advice on how to best utilise these technologies to benefit farm profitability will be essential. I think the future for agronomy is enormous, and that the industry needs continue to attract more and more intelligent people to ensure we get the best out of these technologies.