Michelle Egan

Rising Star - Adama Young Agronomist of the Year 2017/18

Michelle Egan
I K Caldwell, Shepparton, Victoria

Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons)

Key crops:
Apples, Grapes, Pears, Stone Fruit

What do you love most about being an agronomist?
Being able to help growers and make a difference to their business. It's very rewarding and I meet some fantastic people along the way.

How do you see the future of agriculture and agronomy?
Growers are under increasing pressure to produce top quality fruit and more of it, and they look to their agronomists to help them innovate and implement strategies for the future. With access to information easier than every before, the role we play as sounding boards is critical in supporting growers.

What top three tips would you give to an agronomist just starting out in the industry?

  1. Ask questions! No question is a stupid question. Questions are how we learn and gather information. If you don’t ask you won’t know, or at least it’ll take you longer to get the answer. More often than not questions are the basis of very good discussions that can be a great source of development and knowledge and helps build relationships.
  2. Be patient – a lot of being an agronomist is experience. Experience takes time to gain and there are no short cuts for that. While you are learning, draw for other experience and use that knowledge to help develop your own. 
  3. Take every opportunity. Even if it's just jumping in a ute with a different person, it’s all part of the learning experience! Be a sponge – soak it all up and take every opportunity. This will help broaden your horizon and open your eyes to what else is out there. Being able to adapt what you have learned in other areas will help keep you rounded as an agronomist, and never stop learning.
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Michelle Egan - Rising Star - Adama Young Agronomist of the Year 2017/18