Adama Marks One Year as Global Brand (15 July 2015)

JULY 16th marks one year since Farmoz rebranded as Adama, taking on the new global identity of its parent company. Although 1 year is not a long time in Australian Agriculture plenty has been happening over at Adama since the change.

The crop protection company has, over the past 12 months, been working hard to deliver on its promise Simply. Grow. Together. This has resulted in a number of exciting milestones and initiatives being introduced to the market since the launch of the new brand.

The latest of these is the introduction of Trapview, an innovative technology that provides a simplified solution to agronomists for reliable and near real-time insights into insect populations. “Through Trapview, we are introducing an innovative technology that goes far beyond any current offering in the market place and clearly addresses issues that our customers have identified”, Adama digital innovation manager Alex Mills said.



Adama has also been busy during 2014/15 launching a significant number of unique and off-patent crop protection solutions to deliver a broad yet highly differentiated offer for its partners. In total the company has launched a staggering 24 new products in the past 18 months. This includes 5 unique mixtures and a brand new active ingredient in Nimitz, its new novel nematicide which will be registered and launched next month. “Our portfolio is certainly shaping up to be a highly valuable offering for our partners to take to their growers, “ Adama general marketing manager Adam Phelan said.

“The strong mix of off-patent, unique mixtures and formulations coupled with our first new active ingredient is certainly an exciting phase for our portfolio but it won’t stop there. We have over 300 trials being conducted in 2015 which will be testing and demonstrating our next wave of unique and innovative products to be launched in 2016 and beyond.”



Adama CEO Darrin Hines confirmed it had been a very exciting period for the company in launching Adama to the market. “The launch of Adama was more than just a name change, it also culminated in the launch of our new business strategy,” he said.

“We have been very busy since the launch of Adama to deliver on the commitment we made to our distribution partners. We have made much progress on delivering our strategy in year one thanks to the great people we have at Adama.

“The exciting news is there is even greater value for us to deliver to our partners in 2016 including innovative digital solutions, another new active ingredient and multiple unique products, so there is still plenty for us to do.

“Thanks to all of our distributor partners that helped us launch Adama and continue to give us great support.”  


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