Meet The CEO, Agritech 2015, Israel

Adama Welcomes Agritech Participants from All Over the World

6 May 2015

With thousands of industry professionals flocking to the 15th annual Agritech Conference in Israel, Adama took the opportunity to welcome more than 100 customers from around the globe for a special “Meet the CEO” event. The session was held Tuesday, April 28 2015 at Adama’s headquarters in Airport City, Israel with visiting delegations from 11 countries across Latin America and Asia Pacific, as well as Turkey and South Africa. 

After a brief presentation from Chen Lichtenstein, Adama's President and CEO, guests were invited to participate in an open question and answer session with members of the Adama team. The entire session was simultaneously translated into Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Chinese.

Among the subjects he discussed, Lichtenstein highlighted the three pillars of Adama's strategy, which come together to deliver on the Company's purpose: Creating Simplicity in Agriculture.

He first described Adama's Hybrid Portfolio, which covers a broad span from widely-used off-patent products all the way to more innovative, proprietary products, through which Adama meets the needs of farmers in every market.

Sustainability was the subject of a question from Angel Paez of Ecuador’s Floragrovet. Lichtenstein described the industry trend towards increasingly tight regulations relating to safety and toxicity, and pointed out that Adama places a major emphasis on sustainability and maintaining strict compliance with all global regulations.

Adama's new NIMITZ® nematicide is a prime example of Adama’s commitment to sustainability, indicated Mooli Freiman, Head of Marketing & Development for Adama Americas. This novel nematicide – which recently achieved registration in the United States – contains unprecedented user safety and simplified application features, reducing environmental impact.

The second pillar of the company’s strategy is “From China Forward,” and Lichtenstein spoke extensively about Adama’s aim to bridge China and the world. “We are becoming the only China-global connected value chain in the entire industry,” he said.

Heberto Lerma of Mexico’s Agromol was impressed with the news. “This is the first time we’ve heard of an industry leader entering China with the ability to leverage everything the country has to offer. It’s an incredibly smart strategic move,” he said. 

The third pillar Lichtenstein focused on was “Reaching the Many,” which Adama does through methods such as outreach activities, partner networks, and digital tools. He discussed the company’s impressive growth in India as a good example of Adama’s accomplishments in "Reaching the Many" in highly fragmented markets, evidence of the company’s focus on identifying farmers’ unmet needs, and bringing solutions to growers that simplify their lives.

Ian Zunckel of South Africa’s CropDoc Agencies summed up the positive buzz that permeated the auditorium after the presentation and Q&A: “I am very impressed with the corporate vision that was presented today,” he said. “Adama is strategically aligned with the goals and vision of CropDoc, and we feel confident about our continued partnership in the future.”

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agritech 2015 jose 'heberto lerma
Mr Jose'Heberto Lerma, Sales Manager of Mexican Distributor "Agromoleculas", engaging in the Q&A session
agritech adama president and ceo chen lichtenstein with latin american group
Chen Lichtenstein, Adama's president and CEO, with the Latin America group
agritech adama president and ceo chen lichtenstein with south africa group
With the group from South Africa
agritech adama president and ceo chen lichtenstein with turkey group
With the group from Turkey