Ag-Tech and Digital Deliver Simplicity

At ADAMA we understand that farming is complex and full of challenges, and we’ve made it our business to work with farmers, agronomists, our distributors and the wider farming community to find ways to simplify farming.

26 May 2017


‘Ag-tech’, ‘digital solutions’, they seem the buzzwords of the day and a constant theme of marketing and editorial directed at farmers. No farm is complete, it might seem, without an in-house drone pilot and a myriad of connections to the digital world beyond the farm gate.


With the pace of technological change so fast, it can be difficult for farmers and agronomists to differentiate the tools and solutions which really can make their lives on the farm easier, and what are no more than new gizmos, flashy marketing and fancy toys which add complexity to an already complex occupation.


At ADAMA we understand that farming is complex and full of challenges, and we’ve made it our business to work with farmers, agronomists, our distributors and the wider farming community to find ways to simplify farming.


We constantly question convention to move farming forward through simple, practical, and innovative solutions in crop protection, and we take the same approach to the development of digital tools and in the ag-tech relationships we foster.


Four recent initiatives – ReefAware, a decision support tool; FastFind, an information service; Trapview, an automated pest monitoring system; and SwarmFarm Robotics, a partnership through which we imagine robotic machines improving the productivity of farming systems – each exemplify the practical simplicity approach.


ReefAware App – a Decision Support Tool


The ReefAware App is a unique new tool to support canegrowers and advisors maximise herbicide efficacy while minimising runoff and its potential environmental impact.


The App assesses the suitability and timing of herbicide application by taking recent, current and short-term forecast weather conditions into account along with factors including site soil type, topography and proximity to water courses, to determine the suitability of immediate herbicide application (within the next 24 hours), as well as application within 72 hours.


ReefAware® allows users to map and name cane fields and provides instant location based information and a simple ‘stop’ or ‘go’ application indication.

In combination with ADAMA’s innovative Bobcat® i-MAXX herbicide, ReefAware supports to be better environmental stewards close to the Queensland coastline.


ReefAware® by ADAMA is available free to download in both iOS and Android versions. Visit your app store or for more information.


Trapview – Pest Monitoring Made Simple


ADAMA has partnered with European company EFOS to be the exclusive distributor in both Australia and New Zealand of the company’s automated pest monitoring system, Trapview.


Trapview utilises revolutionary technology in a fully integrated system to provide an innovative, simplified solution for growers, agronomists and researchers needing to monitor insect populations. It works by capturing images and providing digital recognition of pests.


Trapview allows pest populations and their dynamics to be monitored on desktop computers and mobile devices in near real time, with the system providing analytics and rapid pest alerts. Photographs are captured daily at user defined times that best fit the crop and target pest which allows users to be aware of the pest situation in the field near in real time and able to more strategically apply control options.


Used in conjunction with ADAMA’s Cormoran®, a unique new insecticide that provides rapid targeted control of Codling Moth and other key pests in apples and pears, Trapview is pest monitoring made simple.


SwarmFarm Robotics – Imagining Farming’s Future


In November, ADAMA and Australian ag-tech company SwarmFarm Robotics announced a joint arrangement that established ADAMA as SwarmFarm’s global business partner.


The arrangement will enable the two businesses to help improve the productivity of farming systems and deliver simplicity to farmers around the world by reimagining the way crop protection is applied.


SwarmFarm’s innovative technology will help improve the productivity of current farming systems by offering small, lightweight, high-tech robotic machines that will operate in swarms to undertake key tasks of cropping systems, such as planting, weed and pest control, fertiliser application, and harvesting.


ADAMA is assessing unique crop protection formulations and innovative use patterns to deliver new simplified solutions, and has sought registration of herbicides to control hard to manage weeds in fallow situations utilising SwarmFarm and optical spray technology.


Together, ADAMA and SwarmFarm Robotics will make a big difference in improving the performance of current farming systems and thereby the financial viability of farmers internationally.


FastFind Product and Safety Information


In October, ADAMA launched a new service designed to aid growers, agronomists, transport providers and emergency personnel find safety and product information fast when they need it.


The FastFind label and Safety Data Sheet service has been integrated within the ADAMA Australia website. Anybody who needs product information can scan the QR code on every ADAMA product to be directed to the relevant product page. With a couple of taps or clicks, product label, Safety Data Sheet and the latest technical information on any of ADAMA’s 120-plus products is provided in an easily accessible way and broken down so a user can find the information they want, and find it fast.


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(This article appeared originally in Rural Business Magazine)