Farmoz changes to new global brand, Adama (16 July 2014)

Global transition to new brand.

Sydney, Australia, July 16, 2014

FARMOZ has officially commenced trading under the new global brand, Adama. The roll out is part of a staged global branding program where more than 40 company brands will transition to one single brand, Adama.

The name Adama means "earth" in Hebrew, the essential element of farming, and represents the company's commitment to advancing agriculture in Australia and its other markets around the world. The transition process is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete, as each entity worldwide introduces the new brand to its stakeholders.

"We are excited to begin this next phase in the company's journey. For close to seven decades, Adama has thrived by leading with our straightforward, practical approach to farmers' challenges. We believe that our brand strategy will differentiate our broad array of crop protection solutions and strengthen our growth platform which is focused on working together with our partners to support Australian farmer's needs with global expertise," said Chen Lichtenstein, Adama President and CEO.

Adama’s new logo is a stylized “A”, and echoes the three As in Adama.  It is also an arrow pointing upward—a simple, universal image of growth.  The logo is consistent with our business approach to work together with our partners, and the entire farming community to generate growth,

"Our decision to transition from Farmoz to a single global brand, Adama, marks yet another milestone in our evolution into a leading global organisation with shared values, shared culture and a single brand name," said David Peters, Managing Director of Adama Australia. "The process that we begin today clearly expresses our promise to the market: Simply. Grow. Together. Adama Australia is committed to working with our customers to identify, develop and deliver solutions that allow them to help grow and simplify Australian Agriculture. It is our belief that this new, unified brand will enable us to speak more effectively and consistently, in our market."

Farmoz has supplied Australian Farmers with high quality crop protection products for more than twenty years. Our commitment to solving local issues with global solutions will continue to foster under the Adama brand.

For more information contact:

Scott Harlum
Campaign & Brand Manager