14/09/14 - Adama Australia strengthens its cotton insecticide portfolio

ADAMA Australia are pleased to announce the addition of 4 new insecticides to their cotton range in time for the upcoming cotton season. Jock Leys, Senior Product Manager at Adama says, "we already offer one of the strongest insect control portfolio's in the industry and the introduction of these 4 new products this year will only add to the strength and versatility of our range. Our aim is to offer growers and agronomists an extensive choice of effective options to choose from."

The 4 new insecticides Adama will offer are RECEPTOR® (diafethiuron), PRIMAL® (acetamiprid), ALBATROSS® (fipronil) and LASCAR® (pyriproxyfen). LASCAR® is currently pending registration however is expected to be registered in time for this year's cotton season. With the majority of the Australian cotton crop now being the helicoverpa resistant 'Bollgard 11®+' varieties, the major focus has now turned onto controlling sucking pests such as Green Mirids, Aphids, Silverleaf Whitefly, Two-spotted mite and Thrips.

RECEPTOR® is an ideal option for the control of Two-spotted mite and Cotton Aphids, being rated "low" for its reduced impact on beneficial insects in the CRC Cotton Pest Management Guide. PRIMAL® can be used alongside ALBATROSS® as an excellent rotational option for Green Mirid control, however will also control Aphid's effectively offering growers another valuable tool to reduce sticky cotton and bunchy top disease which can result from Aphid infestations. 

ALBATROSS® will ideally fit where Green Mirids alone are prevalent and above the threshold. Low rates ensure a very cost effective solution that causes minimal disruption to predatory and parasitoid insects. LASCAR® will provide an outstanding option for control of Silverleaf Whitefly in cotton and is rated as having a "very low" effect on beneficial insects by the CRC Cotton Pest Management Guide. In addition to cotton LASCAR® will also be an ideal choice for control of Red scale and Black scale in Citrus.

Jock highlights that the addition of these new insecticides supports the overall Adama strategy of offering a diverse range of effective crop protection solutions to Australian growers.

® A registered trademark of a Adama Agricultural Solutions Company

+ A registered trademark of Monsanto Technologies LLC

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For more information contact:

Jock Leys

Senior Product Manager

Email: jock.leys@adama.com

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