New APVMA Use Guidelines for ADAMA Australia 2,4-D Herbicides

A message to all customers and end users of ADAMA Australia 2,4-D Herbicides

The APVMA has completed their 2,4-D review and released, effective 1st October 2020, a Special Gazette detailing updates to the 2018 and 2019 2,4-D instructions. ADAMA recommends 2,4-D customers and end users to check the Gazette for specific changes to buffer zones and application rates in preparation for the 2020/21 summer.

Customers and end users of ADAMA 2,4-D products may continue to sell, store and apply our products provided the instructions outlined in the APVMA Gazette are supplied and followed. Customers can access a copy of the Gazette via the APVMA website. A copy is also located on each of the ADAMA 2,4-D product pages via our website.

Important to our customers, the APVMA Gazette outlines that possession, supply and use of product bearing cancelled or suspended labels is permitted for 12 months (until 29th September 2021) provided the below instructions are followed.

Instructions for supply
The supply of ADAMA 2,4-D products may only take place in accordance with the following conditions:

1) For products manufactured prior to 1 October 2020: At the time of supply, the supplier (either ADAMA to a reseller or reseller to end user) must provide to the person taking possession or custody of the 2,4-D product a copy of the APVMA Gazette detailing the revised guidelines. A reseller can provide a copy of the Gazette either as a hard copy or as an electronic copy. ADAMA recommends resellers supplying customers with an electronic copy at the point of sale or delivery of 2,4-D products, verify receipt of the APVMA Gazette or product specific guidelines with the customer.


2) For products manufactured on or after 1 October 2020: ADAMA will attach to each 2,4-D pack a copy of the revised guidelines as a separate leaflet.

Instructions for use
The use of ADAMA 2,4-D products may only take place in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The instructions appearing on the suspended or cancelled label attached to the product; and
  • The instructions in the APVMA Gazette which correspond to the product’s specific group.

What about 2,4-D products located on farm or in possession of the end user?
For 2,4-D stock located on farm or possession of the end user, the revised APVMA Gazette instructions must be followed when applying. The APVMA Gazette issued on the 30th September 2020 replaces existing guidelines issued by the APVMA in 2018 and 2019.

What is ADAMA doing?

  • ADAMA has posted on the 2,4-D product web pages the 30th September APVMA Special Gazette.
  • ADAMA is in the process of extracting the specific instructions relevant to each affected ADAMA 2,4-D product from the Special Gazette. The product specific guidelines will be attached to 2,4-D products manufactured after 1 October 2020. The revised product specific guidelines will also be available when updated by downloading a copy from the specific product web pages on the ADAMA website (links to individual product pages in table below).
  • ADAMA will update the 2,4-D product labels and once approved by the APVMA during 2021, revised labels containing the new guidelines will replace the interim additional leaflets attached to 2,4-D stock manufactured after the 1 October 2020. This process is expected to be completed by 29 September 2021.

The APVMA 2,4-D review affects the following ADAMA products:

Product Number

Product Name

APVMA 2,4-D Group specific instructions reference



Group 9a



Group 19a



Group 4



Group 8a



Group 20b



Group 8a

For more information, please contact your local ADAMA Australia representative.