Adama ups the ante for cotton industry

THE Australian cotton industry is one of the most progressive in the country, including with its adoption of new technologies, and so it has been logical for crop protection innovator, Adama, to up the ante with its support to the industry and growers.

An expanded Adama team embedded in the industry supports one of the widest product ranges available, providing a favourable “one-stop-shop’’ experience for resellers and growers.

Portfolio Manager Stuart Moncrieff said the range had grown significantly over the past decade, weathering seasonal variability to maintain diverse solutions for managing weeds, diseases, insect pests, growth regulation and defoliation.

However, there has been a noticeable strengthened commitment in recent years, with a concerted determination to work closely with resellers and increasingly with consultants, as well as growers, on industry issues and solutions.

“ We view our role in the cotton industry as not just a supplier, but as a partner in the long-term development, growth and success of the industry,’’ Stuart said.

Queensland State Manager Marg Chapman is no stranger to the industry, having cut her teeth in an agronomy role based at Moree nearly 20 years ago before later managing crop protection portfolios and joining the Adama team more than five years ago.

“The Adama cotton portfolio has increasingly developed in recent years, we are committed to the industry’s long-term future and we have had a clear focus to talk more actively and make regular contact across the industry to help determine solutions and developments that may be needed,’’ Marg said.

She said one of the key developments had been the launch of a co-formulation insecticide providing some of the first broad-spectrum pest control in the industry, offering efficiencies that had been welcomed by various growers. Significant work also was occurring with defoliants.

Marg said due to the dominant use of glyphosate and emerging resistance to the herbicide in the industry, in some cases the collaboration with agronomists and consultants was also turning to the beneficial use of older herbicides.

The 2018 Chris Lehman Trust Young Cotton Achiever Award winner, Bill Back, pictured with the Adama Cotton team.
The Adama Cotton team pictured at the 2018 Cotton Conference.

Stuart said Adama also worked closely with industry research organisations to help develop new solutions and provide extension and training, addressing key issues such as herbicide resistance, disease management, integrated pest management, improving defoliation and minimising the impacts of spray drift.

The development of digital solutions for the benefit of the cotton industry has been another strong focus, including collaboration with SwarmFarm Robotics, Trapview and Pessl disease modelling, all of which have added a new dimension to a traditional crop protection portfolio.

Marg said significant trial work with Trapview, in particular, was showing promising potential for the cotton industry and helping to control difficult mirid pests.

Further supporting the Adama cotton portfolio to the industry, the company is a strong supporter of cotton communities, with sponsorship of local events, community organisations and clubs.

Adama also sponsors industry awards such as the Chris Lehman Trust Young Cotton Achiever Award, helping the next generation in the industry.

Meanwhile, the company again took the opportunity to network with resellers, consultants, growers, researchers and other technical providers at the recent Australian Cotton Conference, further updating on some of the latest issues facing the industry.

For further information on the Adama cotton portfolio and technical solutions, resellers, agronomists, consultants and growers can contact their local Adama representative.

(This article appeared in the October 2018 issue of Rural Business Magazine)