Adama Introduces Innovative Fruit Thinning Solution for Apples in 2018

August 2018

Adama Australia, announces the APVMA registration of Brevis®, a novel, innovative fruit thinner for apples.

Brevis has been developed by Adama to increase fruit size and yield of marketable fruit. It reduces hand thinning costs through removal of excess fruitlets, which also minimises picking, storage and grading costs.

Unlike hormone-based thinners, Brevis, a water soluble granule temporarily inhibits photosynthesis and the production of carbohydrates used for tree growth. The reduction in carbohydrate production leads to an increased natural fruit drop.

Adama Portfolio Manager Stuart Moncrieff, who is responsible for the company’s herbicide and plant growth regulator products, said the unique mode of action with Brevis would provide growers a strong alternative to traditional post-bloom thinners.

“With a wider window of application, Brevis offers growers flexibility when targeting the right stage to apply," Stuart said. 

He said it could be applied within a temperature range of 10-25 degrees Celsius and at a fruitlet size ranging from 8-16 millimetres.

“It absorbs rapidly to be rainfast within two hours and quick re-entry into orchards once the spray has dried.”

“There is no negative effect on shoot growth or return bloom and Brevis is not harmful to beneficial insects.’’

A key tool for the management of biennial bearing, Brevis is suitable for a range of varieties, including Envy, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Rubens.

It can be applied up to a maximum of 2.2 kilograms per hectare per season, either as a single application of 1.1 to 2.2kg/ha or as two applications of 1.1kg/ha. A single spray program can be used for greater flexibility of application timing, depending on crop and weather conditions.

“Growers can use the lower rate to thin fewer fruitlets, and on easy-to-thin cultivars. The higher rate can be used to increase thinning on normal to thin cultivars and/or when applying later in the application window,’’ Stuart said.

“The registration of Brevis is a positive development for the Australian apple industry and demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Adama Australia to provide solutions to industry challenges. The development of Brevis would not have been possible without support and collaboration from growers, advisors, trial collaborators, retail partners and APAL”.

For further information on Brevis, growers and advisers can contact their local reseller or Adama representative.