Compatibility benefits with new herbicides

NEW, robust herbicide options for fallow and late broadleaf weed control in cereal crops are also offering improved compatibility with other chemical mix partners and reduced risk of volatilisation for growers.

Adama Portfolio Manager Stuart Moncrieff said spray drift was becoming a growing issue with 2,4-D herbicides, and especially with summer crops like cotton expanding into new areas.

Stuart said herbicide drift resulted in significant damage to some summer crops last season.

He said Adama had been involved in grower and industry meetings to address 2,4-D damage and relevant spraying conditions. Further meetings are set to be held soon.

Zulu® XT, from Adama, is a new dual salt 2,4-D herbicide for broadleaf weed control featuring low volatility and it provides improved compatibility with Adama’s Wipe-Out® 450 and Wipe-Out® Pro glyphosate formulations, as well as with other herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

It can be used all-year-round by growers, for fallow weed control and late spraying in cereals, compared with alternative products that may not offer such widespread use and can raise compatibility issues.

“Zulu XT has the benefit of fallow registration and it can be used in cereals for late broadleaf clean-ups,’’ Stuart said.

It can also be used in pastures, sugarcane and non-agricultural areas, providing broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds.

Zulu XT comprises a high loading formulation, containing 720 grams per litre of 2,4-D Amine, providing for reduced logistics and lower application rates, and it offers excellent stability when mixed in cold water and low temperature environments.

A cotton farm in NSW showing the impact physical spray drift can have on cotton crop defoliation.

Compared with potassium salt glyphosate products, Adama’s new Wipe-Out Pro herbicide is based on monoethanolamine (MEA) salt, providing improved compatibility with 2,4-D and other tank-mix partners.

“Wipe-Out Pro has already shown its compatibility benefits with a wide range of products. It combines well with 2,4-D herbicides like Zulu XT to provide a good spike on broadleaf weeds,’’ Stuart said.

Designed, formulated and manufactured in Australia and offering a higher concentration of glyphosate at 540 g/L, Wipe-Out Pro is used in fallows and prior to crop establishment, as well as for sugarcane, pasture and non-agricultural areas.

An advanced adjuvant system with Wipe-Out Pro is aiding its improved overall performance compared with other glyphosate formulations, with optimum leaf uptake and penetration.

Testing has also shown Wipe-Out Pro has lower viscosity than other glyphosate formulations, providing for a free flowing product when pumping, quicker flow time and easy filling, even in cool conditions.

Another benefit when filling spray tanks is its reduced tendency to foam compared with some other glyphosate products.

For further information about Zulu XT and Wipe-Out Pro, growers, advisers and agronomists can contact their local Adama representative.

(This article featured in the September 2018 edition of Rural Business Magazine)