16/06/14 - Custodia in Grapes

THE identification of strobilurin-resistant Powdery Mildew in Australia led to a new resistance management strategy for Group 11 fungicides being released in 2012 by the CropLife Australia Fungicide Resistance Management Review Group.

Whilst Strobilurin fungicides have been successfully used to control Powdery Mildew here for over a decade, recent field surveys and field trial results have indicated that where these products have been routinely used for many seasons, there is an increased likelihood of Powdery Mildew strains resistant to Group 11 fungicides.

Launched to provide Powdery Mildew control in grapes, Custodia Fungicide combines two active ingredients with alternative Modes of Action to assist in resistance management. According to Luke Collins – Adama Horticulture Market Manager “2013/14 saw the first full commercial season for Custodia. After several seasons of Australian trials, Custodia has proven to be both effective and excellent value for money.”

Adama has introduced Custodia – the first co-formulation of strobilurin and DMI fungicides for grapes in Australia – with one aim in mind. That is, to provide a simple solution for fungicide resistance management that will prolong the effective use of the powerful strobilurin chemistry.
As with all strobilurin fungicides, Custodia® should be applied preventively, with a maximum of two applications of Custodia® and/or any other Group 11 fungicides per season. Although permitted, Mr Collins recommends that Custodia® and other Group 11 fungicides should not be applied in consecutive applications. The FRMS also limits Group 3 fungicide applications to a maximum of three per season. An application of Custodia® would count as one of these.

Guidelines from the CropLife Fungicide Resistance Management Strategy for Powdery Mildew in Grapes have the following recommendations for the application of strobilurins:
• No Group 11 (strobilurin) or other systemic fungicides should be used curatively
• Mix strobilurin fungicides with an alternative mode of action group where use has previously been high; or
• Use in strict rotation with fungicides from an alternative group.

When to Use Custodia

  • Custodia® is registered for application from 10cm shoots (EL 12) through 80% capfall (EL 25)
  • For powdery mildew control, growers should target Pre-flowering (prior to EL 19) under low to moderate disease pressure using Custodia at 65mL/100L. 
  • During flowering (from EL 19-25) or under high disease pressure, Custodia may be used at up to 1L/ha for concentrated applications in a spray volume of <1000L/ha
  • At the 100 mL/100L rate, Custodia will also aid in the management of Downy Mildew and Grey Mould (Botrytis cinerea)*

Why to Use Custodia

  • Peace of mind that Powdery Mildew will be controlled now and into the future
  • Excellent value for money in controlling diseases
  • Save time and money on application costs with superior tank-mix compatibilities 
  • Use with confidence knowing MRL criteria are covered
* A label extension was approved by the APVMA in October 2013 and now includes Downy Mildew and Botrytis after trial work has shown that Custodia offers consistent protection from both of these key diseases.

For more information contact:

Luke Collins

Horticulture Market Manager

Email: luke.collins@adama.com