21/01/14 - Rise above problem weeds with Elevate

ADAMA senior product manager, Jock Leys, is pleased to announce the availability of newly registered Elevate® herbicide for the control of difficult to manage weeds in time for the 2014 autumn fallow market.

Elevate is a 400 g/L EC formulation of carfentrazone – a key mixing partner for several years now with commonly used knockdown herbicides – which will rapidly improve the speed of brown out and provide reliable control of hard to kill weeds including Marshmallow, Capeweed and Paterson’s Curse.

According to Mr Leys, ‘We have chosen the 400 EC formulation in Elevate for its excellent compatibility with these regular mixing partners and even lower use rate requirements.’

Elevate has been thoroughly tested in laboratory and field applications and proven to be both effective and easy to use when mixed with all products tested including Wipe-out 450, Wipe-out Accelerate (or other products based on glyphosate), Spray & Sow (paraquat/diquat), Spraytop (paraquat) and Exonerate (glufosinate).’

Elevate has a multi-use label and may be used in many situations including prior to the establishment of crops, fallows or forest plantations. Elevate is non-volatile and is also registered to use for under canopy weed control in tree fruits, nut crops and grapevines as well as in grass pastures and for desiccation of cotton regrowth and volunteers.

Adama market manager – Horticulture – Luke Collins, is also pleased to add it to his already significant Horticulture portfolio and confirms that ‘when applied correctly, Elevate can be safely used in these situations without damaging crop foliage or fruit. Elevate will no doubt be used in partnership with many of Adama’s well-known knockdown range as well as our new glufosinate based herbicide, Exonerate.’

Elevate is now available in 1L and 5L packs.

For more information contact:

Jock Leys

Senior Product Manager

Email: jock. leys@adama.com 

Luke Collins

Horticulture Manager

Email: luke.collins@adama.com