30/10/14 - Tropical Horticulture and Sugarcane

This year has been a big one for Adama with the launch of a new global brand and several innovative new products for the crop protection market across Australia.

On the back of the successful launch of Radial Fungicide and Triathlon Herbicide for the cereal markets - the first two products to be sold by Adama under agency in this country - this spring has seen the introduction of Custodia and Solaris fungicides via innovation centers across the grape growing regions, with an outstanding response from both distribution and growers alike.

Adama horticulture market manager Luke Collins has been very pleased with the response from leading grape growers and winemakers, who have identified great value in both fungicides along with strong support from the new Adama agency network. 

"We knew we had two very good fungicides with a very real fit in grape markets in all states," he said.

"Our decision to add Custodia and Solaris to our growing list of products for exclusive distribution via innovation centers has ensured that the support for both products has grown even faster than we anticipated.

"It has also bolstered our resolve to introduce as many of our new products as possible using the AIMS inventory management system from F4F. The next two products to be delivered this way will be the long awaited Nimitz - for control of Root-knot nematodes in capsicums, chillies, cucurbits, eggplants and tomatoes - and the extremely promising Bobcat i-MAXX herbicide for long term weed control in sugarcane.

“We anticipate both products will be approved by the APVMA before the end of the year giving us a powerful focus on horticulture and sugarcane in Queensland as both become available for commercial usage in 2015.” 

Mr Collins said each of the products have been widely demonstrated in small scale plots after several years of development in the key growing areas. 

“Growers are well aware of the impending launch of both products and in many cases are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to utilise the benefits that they will offer," he said.

Nimitz is safe and easy to use at low application rates and will provide a simple and effective alternative to organophosphate and carbamate chemistry – the first such alternative in more than 20 years - with true nematicidal control via its fast acting and unique mode of action.

Nimitz will be distributed via innovation centres in Queensland. Development work will continue beyond the initial label and it is likely to also have a fit in citrus, grapes, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, carrots, turf and an extensive list of other crops.

A Nimitz product page on the Adama Australia website gives more pre-registration information, including a product technical guide, product user guide and FAQ's.

Bobcat i-MAXX herbicide combines two active ingredients that provide extended residual control of both grass and broadleaf weeds in sugarcane crops. 

"With no-spray windows applying to products containing diuron when using over 450 grams active per hectare, the introduction of Bobcat i-MAXX will complement the use of Palmero® and Mentor® - also from Adama – in maintaining clean cane fields and managing herbicide resistance," Mr Collins said.


For more information please contact:

Luke Collins

Horticulture Market Manager

Email: luke.collins@adama.com

Untreated control at 12 weeks after trial initiation, AgriSolutions, Innisfail.
Bobcat Combi and Spraytop at 12 wks after application AgriSolutions Innisfail
Bobcat i-MAXX plus Spraytop at 12 wks after application, AgriSolutions, Innisfail