1/10/15 - Adama Revolutionises Global Nematode Control

ADAMA, a world leader in customer-focused agricultural solutions, is pleased to announce that NIMITZ® has received registration approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

A highly effective nematicide featuring simplified application options and unmatched user safety, “NIMITZ is the nematicide that growers across Australia have been waiting for,” says Luke Collins, Market Manager – Horticulture – for Adama. “The launch of NIMITZ has been eagerly anticipated by many after several years of trials here in Australia have demonstrated its unique handling benefits and its effectiveness in controlling plant-parasitic nematodes.”

Australia is the third country globally to receive registration approval. NIMITZ is now approved for use in Queensland in cucurbits (including cucumbers, watermelons, rockmelons and squash), and fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, okra and eggplants). “Registration for use in these crops in other states is planned after the first year of working closely with Adama Innovation Centre Partners and growers to ensure that NIMITZ delivers as expected” says Mr Collins.

The active ingredient in NIMITZ has a unique mode of action – no other nematicide in the world currently has this same mode of action or classification - and is a new paradigm for nematode control on these high value crops. NIMITZ eliminates many of the stringent use requirements of existing nematicides including fumigant management plans, extended re-entry intervals (REI) and restrictive buffer zones.

“In contrast to other older nematicides, NIMITZ simplifies nematode management by significantly improving user safety and lessening complex handling practices” says Mr Collins. “NIMITZ is used at low application rates, has a very short REI and requires minimal personal protective equipment”. According to Mr Collins, NIMITZ’s unique features exemplify Adama’s commitment to bringing simplicity to agriculture.

ADAMA Australia CEO Darrin Hines points out that the registration of NIMITZ is the first unique active ingredient to be delivered by Adama since rebranding from Farmoz to Adama Australia in July 2014. “The launch of Adama has been more than a name change. Our first year as Adama has been the culmination of several years of development and planning our new business strategy to deliver on our promise to our distribution partners and growers alike. The exciting news is that there is even greater value for us to deliver in the next 12 months including innovative digital solutions, another new active ingredient and several unique products.”

Revolutionising global nematode control

Nematodes are among the most destructive and problematic pests for growers worldwide, causing yield loss of more than $100 billion annually.

Since 2007, more than 1,000 field trials and hundreds of regulatory studies have been conducted in 23 countries to demonstrate the effectiveness and unique handling benefits of NIMITZ. This research consistently shows nematode control, with NIMITZ as effective as, or better than, the commercial standards.

“As the first new chemical nematicide to be developed in more than 20 years, NIMITZ will fill an industry-wide demand for highly-effective nematode control as other chemistry is phased out,” says Andrew Horsfield, General Manager – Technical Development – for Adama Australia.

“NIMITZ is a ‘true’ nematicide, which delivers irreversible nematicidal activity immediately following an application. Within one hour of contact, nematodes cease feeding and quickly become paralysed. Within 24 to 48 hours, pest mortality occurs rather than the temporary ‘freezing’ or nematostatic activity, as seen with organophosphate and carbamate nematicides”.

“NIMITZ provides a truly effective alternative that is safe and easy to apply, and can be incorporated into an existing nematode management strategy that includes cultural and biological practices with little or no disruption to important soil microfauna and microflora  including earthworms and key biological control agents such as parasitic fungi and predatory nematodes.”

Product application, future registrations

NIMITZ application options include simple injection via drip-irrigation, and broadcast or banded spray application with mechanical incorporation, meaning for most growers that the operations can be carried out with no requirement for additional application equipment and without the need for input from an external contractor.

Adama reports that the process for MRLs has been initiated for the export of produce from the crops on the current NIMITZ label.

Adama expects to obtain further registrations of NIMITZ in more countries and an extended list of approved uses in susceptible crops. Work in Australia is continuing with the aim to include leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugarcane, turf and even potential in cereals, cotton, tree crops and vines.

For more information about NIMITZ including the Product Label, MSDS, Product User Guide and Product Technical Manual visit adama.com

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