New improved herbicide set to boost weed control in cane crops

A new soluble granule formulation of a powerful herbicide recently used in sugarcane is set to provide improved weed control and handling benefits, while its future use in conjunction with an app will help to further boost its effectiveness for growers.

July 2018

Soon to be launched by Adama, Bobcat® i-MAXX SG herbicide follows the successful introduction of the liquid formulation, combining the strengths of two active ingredients for excellent knockdown and extended residual control, as well as providing important resistance management benefits.

Increased active loading in the new granule formulation also allows easy mixing and welcome storage and logistics benefits for growers.

Extensive field testing of Bobcat i-MAXX SG across key cane growing areas has shown strong broadspectrum control of major grass and broadleaf weeds in plant and ratoon crops, including barnyard grass and summer and liverseed grass, as well as blue top and ipomea vine species.

The new registration has also added control of Guinea grass using hand-held or optical spot spray technology.

Adama Portfolio Manager Stuart Moncrieff said the label extension had added an extra use pattern to the existing application windows of directed post-emergent application in emerged cane, as well as pre-emergent application in ratoons.

Applications in emerged cane should be applied as a directed inter-row spray in combination with the Adama knockdown herbicide, Spraytop® 250. Application of Bobcat i-MAXX to emerged cane should follow final cultivation and hill formation.

Best results are achieved when incorporation by irrigation or rainfall occurs within 3-4 days of application to a depth of 5 centimetres.

“The registration and launch of Bobcat i-MAXX SG demonstrates Adama’s ongoing commitment to improving crop protection products for Australian cane growers,’’ Stuart said.

“The new granule formulation was designed with growers in mind – and importantly, the unique formulation ensures the application window remains flexible for them, with no time-of-year application restrictions.’’

He said in the future growers could also further improve the effectiveness of Bobcat i-MAXX SG by using it in conjunction with the Adama ReefAware app.

Developed on the back of the company’s UK WaterAware app for management of pesticides in groundwater, the ReefAware app helps canegrowers and advisers to maximise herbicide efficacy whilst minimising run-off and its potential impact on the environment.

Suitable for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, it assesses the suitability and timing of herbicide applications by taking recent, current and short-term forecast weather conditions into account, along with site soil type and moisture, topography and proximity to water courses.

The app also considers any neighbouring water bodies, as well as label use requirements, to determine the suitability of immediate herbicide application (within the next 24 hours), as well as within 72 hours.

“It allows users to map and name cane fields and it provides instant, location-based information and a simple ‘stop’ or ‘go’ application indication,’’ Stuart said.

He said Adama considered its stewardship responsibilities seriously and the ReefAware app was an example of the company’s efforts to help land managers use its products safely and responsibly.

“Australian canegrowers have adopted water quality management practices that are industry-best and have invested heavily to reduce nutrient, sediment and pesticide run-off to make our industry a world leader in sustainable sugar production.’’

“As well as wanting to protect the Great Barrier Reef, growers know that managing their farms in ways that protect the environment has a direct positive impact on their profitability,’’ Stuart said.

Bobcat i-MAXX SG will be available to growers for this season. Growers, advisers and agronomists can contact their local Adama representative for further information. The ReefAware app is available free to download in both iOS and Android versions. Growers can visit their app store or for more information.

(This article appeared originally in the July 2018 issue of Australian Canegrower Magazine)

630g Bobcat® i-MAXX SG with 1.6l Paraqaut 12 weeks post application