QLD trial for NEW insecticide Plemax™ shows positive positioning for resistance management strategy

Plemax is a new insecticide developed by ADAMA, set to launch in the second half of 2020*. It provides robust knockdown and residual control of key chewing pests such as diamond back moth and helicoverpa in brassica, leafy and fruiting vegetable crops.

It will be positioned as an early to mid-season rotation partner to the widely used Group 28 insecticides, which are under increasing resistance pressure due to a lack of enough alternative modes of action.

The use of Plemax early in the season will also help reduce the selection pressure for insecticide resistance to both indoxacarb and novaluron. In addition, Plemax has only a minimal and short-term impact on beneficial insects and is highly compatible with a wide range of other products.

In February this year we conducted a trial walk of our latest Plemax trial site in South-East Queensland, where we welcomed local consultants and agronomists as well as some agronomists who made the trip from Victoria to check it out.

The trial was a spray program and sequencing demonstration for Plemax as part of a resistance management strategy for DBM. Its aim was to compare consecutive sprays to industry spray programs to highlight the positioning of Plemax within that program.

Plemax was also sprayed consecutively vs. industry standards with the aim of showing efficacy against multi-resistant populations of DBM to group 28, 5 and 6 insecticides as confirmed by SARDI in 2018/19.

The product performed very well but more importantly, performed better in rotation compared to other industry standards as part of a resistance management window approach.

Further sequencing trials are currently underway in Victoria, Lockyer Valley and Bundaberg.

*This product is not yet registered and the active constituent is under review for approval. A submission to register Plemax™ Insecticide is currently with the APVMA and is expected to be approved in mid-2020. No offer for sale or commercial use of this product is permitted prior to the date of approval.

Untreated – 7DAA4
Several agronomists walk through the plots with the Adama team inspecting the high incidence and damage of diamond back moth.
Plemax 300ml/ha – 7 DAA4
Group 28 insecticide 100ml/ha – 7DAA4