17/11/14 - Adama Sets A New Benchmark In Broadacre Pest Control

Adama is excited to announce the registration of their new insecticide Pyrinex Super®. A unique broad spectrum insecticide providing excellent knockdown and residual control of key insect and mite pests in broadacre crops.

When applied to bare soil prior to seedling emergence or onto pasture after direct drilling Pyrinex Super® gives superior control of difficult to control pests such as Byrobia mite and synthetic pyrethroid resistant Red Legged Earth Mite (RLEM). When used early post emergence on canola Pyrinex Super® provides outstanding control of Lucerne flea and Balaustium mite.

It is the only registered solution for control of Balaustium mite, a notoriously difficult pest to control on young establishing canola stands. Market Development Manager for Adama WA, Bevan Addison says growers have been trying to control this pest with little success. “There are all types of brews being applied with varying to low success, but the option to now be able to use a registered product that has been proven in trials to have excellent activity is being received very positively by agronomists.”

A key feature of Pyrinex Super® is its two benchmark active ingredients which combine synergistically giving superior control versus that seen by either of the ingredients used alone. Pyrinex® Super is based on the two highly effective and trusted active ingredients bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos. The unique combination of these two active ingredients also gives Pyrinex Super the ability to control synthetic pyrethroid resistant RLEM (a use that is also uniquely included on the product label).

Trials of Pyrinex Super® in recent years such as the South Australian trial highlighted in the pictures below have shown that it provides excellent knockdown and length of residual control of key pests across a variety of use situations and locations.

Pyrinex Super was registered on the 4th of November and orders are being taken now for use early in 2015. “The product represents a new level of control in these important broadacre crops and against a broad spectrum of difficult to control pests” said Bevan.


For more information please contact:

Jock Leys

Senior Product Manager

Email: jock.leys@adama.com

Pyrinex Super is the only registered insecticide for the control of Balaustium Mite
Untreated Canola plant with Multiple RLEM
Pyrinex Super treated plant 17 days after application