Quadrant herbicide delivers more

ADAMA Australia has released a new post-emergent herbicide, Quadrant, which provides highly effective control of a range of key broadleaf weeds in winter cereals.

Developed in Australia and tested over three seasons, Quadrant is a unique ‘co-formulation’ combining four proven active ingredients and three modes of action.

The mixture of two Group F herbicides, picolinafen and diflufenican, applied with bromoxynil (Group C) and LVE MCPA (Group I), has proven to be a robust combination.

Quadrant also contains a unique blend of solvents and emulsifiers for optimal stability and performance under Australian conditions.

ADAMA Australia Portfolio Manager - Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators, Stuart Moncrieff, says Quadrant provides Australian grain growers with a new tool to manage problem weeds and herbicide resistance.

“Several key weed species, including Wild Radish and Indian Hedge Mustard, have developed resistance to one or more commonly-used herbicides,” he says.

“As a Group FCI herbicide mixture, Quadrant is ideal for use in herbicide resistance management programs in rotation with products from other mode of action groups, such as Group H herbicides.”

The release of Quadrant follows the success of ADAMA’s Triathlon, which was launched in 2014.

Quadrant provides powerful control or suppression of 60 broadleaf weeds, including Wild Radish, Capeweed, Spiny Emex (Doublegee), Fumitory, Wireweed and Indian Hedge Mustard.

“More than 40 independent trials conducted throughout Australia over the past three years have shown Quadrant provides comparable or superior efficacy as industry-standard co-formulations and tank-mixes,” Stuart says.

“Importantly, these trials have confirmed Quadrant is effective on Wild Radish with resistance to mode of action Groups F, C and I.”

Stuart says Quadrant can be applied under a wide range of conditions.

“The performance of some herbicides can be adversely impacted by cloud cover or low light conditions,” he says.

“By comparison, Quadrant is significantly less impacted by low light intensity during or after application.

Quadrant is the latest release from ADAMA Australia, which is rapidly emerging as a global force in crop protection.

“ADAMA Australia is currently investigating more than 30 different projects and conducts more than 300 local trials each year,” Stuart says.

“Working with our partners in Australia and globally, we are committed to developing practical and innovative solutions that help simplify farming.”

Bevan Addison, ADAMA Australia’s Market Development Manager in WA discussing herbicide options for the control of Wild Radish in winter cereals with growers and agronomists. The Quadrant Wild Radish control trial was one of the local sites showcased on the ADAMA Australia Motorbike Crop Trials Tour.