21/09/15 - Sunlight In A Bottle

Solaris fungicide is a unique formulation of cyprodinil that is highly active against botrytis bunch rot in grapes even under cool, wet conditions and high pressure. 

Adama Australia market manager Luke Collins says now, in its second year, Solaris has been widely accepted by growers across the key grape growing markets with excellent support from the distribution network via Adama Innovation Centres. 

In what was not an extremely high pressure botryis period for most in the 2014-15 season, Solaris was given the opportunity to prove its effectiveness against both standard and market leading botryticides. It demonstrated how easy it is to measure and mix with key partner crop protection products in an effective fungicide resistance management program. 

"As a high powered EC liquid, Solaris simplifies the process of pouring and measuring prior to application, quickly penetrates vine tissue and is locally redistributed to protect leaves and fruit," Mr Collins said. 

"Solaris proved its worth to all users last season and offered great value to growers as well as our Innovation Centre Partners."

Pre-bunch closure is a critical growth stage for the timing of sprays targeting botrytis as it is the last opportunity for growers to achieve good spray coverage inside the bunch to help protect against botrytis infections that can develop as the fruit ripens. 

"Solaris can be mixed with Warlock insecticide - also a convenient, easy to handle liquid - to target light brown apple moth or grapevine moth up to growth stages E-L 29 to 31, ensuring that bunches are protected from both the insects and bunch rot," Mr Collins said.

"Warlock is also rapidly absorbed by plant tissue and forms a reserve of active ingredient protected from UV light and rain. Once inside, only target insects that feed directly on the treated plant tissue are affected, limiting exposure to beneficial insects and ensuring compatibility with IPM programs."

Mr Collins said Adama's 2014 Custodia/Solaris Win $5000 promotion, which encouraged growers to try Custodia - for powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis bunch rot control - and/or Solaris - for targeted botrytis control - had proven very effective.

"Both products significantly grew their share of the market in 2014," he said. 

"Pleasingly, Solaris and Custodia each gained a significant position in the table grape markets in northern Victoria based on their performance and the interest in the promotional campaign.

"Their widespread use has given growers and our distribution partners every confidence in their effectiveness in protecting high value crops and both will be integral to the fungicide programs in these markets again in 2015-16."

The recommendation for Captan use in grapes destined for export has recently been withdrawn. As the leading global supplier of Captan, Adama will be working with industry bodies to ascertain the impact on spray management programs for the 2015-16 season. Growers and advisers should contact their local Adama commercial manager or visit adama.com for more information. 

Both Custodia and Solaris are included in this year's Adama horticulture promotion - Adama Rewards - which sees growers receive $50 cash back in the form of an Adama Rewards eftpos card for every $1000+GST spent on dozens of qualifying products used in horticulture and sugar cane crops.

"The Adama Rewards promotion is off to a great start in 2015 after including pre-June 30 purchases on key products - including Mavrik insecticide and Bobcat i-MAXX herbicide, both of which are now available only through Adama Innovation Centres," Mr Collins said. 

"The program has been well received by our key customers, as they see it incentivises their growers to engage in earlier discussions around product requirements - which helps with more accurate forecasting and product delivery scheduling - as well as rewarding these growers for their loyalty with a cash bonus.

"It also takes the discussion away from product pricing, allowing agronomists and sales staff to focus on service to the customer."

For more information please contact:

Luke Collins

Horticulture Market Manager

Email: luke.collins@adama.com