01/03/15 - Fence Line Weed Control Turns to Holy Grail

ESCALATING fence line weed burdens and herbicide resistance are proving a bugbear to various farm weed management programs, however, a new herbicide registration combined with specialist spray equipment technology is set to provide a long term, sustainable solution for growers.

Uragan®, a unique, extended residual pre-emergent herbicide that controls weeds longer than any other herbicide, has received a label extension for fence line weed control.

Belonging to the uracil herbicide sub group, Uragan controls grass and broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant weeds, often for in excess of 12 months, thereby reducing the need for multiple herbicide applications. 

Adama Australia Senior Product Manager Jock Leys said the company had been seeking solutions to the ever-increasing issue of herbicide resistant weeds for Australia farmers. 

"We recognise fencelines are a growing source of resistant weeds and have worked in conjunction with the University of Adelaide to develop solutions," Jock said. 

"Uragan, as a long term soil residual pre-emergent herbicide, was identified as an ideal candidate and we are very pleased to launch this new use pattern."

Uragan contains bromacil and is mainly absorbed through weed roots. It is highly compatible with non-selective knockdown herbicides, allowing immediate control of existing weeds. The level and duration of control with Uragan depends on soil type, rainfall and the application rate, but it is often more than 12 months. 

"It is ideal against hard-to-kill weeds and can deal with the majority of resistant weed types that farmers may have on their properties," Jock said.

In a further boost for fence line weed control, Adama Australia has teamed up with TeeJet® Australasia to make Uragan available with a special fence line spray nozzle kit.

TeeJet Australasia Technical Specialist Jake Lanyon said the XP BoomJet® boomless nozzle produced an ultra-course droplet size over a pressure range of 1.5-4 bar and a highly uniform distribution pattern in a spray swath of 3.5 to 5 metres.

"Good uniformity over such a wide spray swath from a single nozzle is not easy to achieve, but the XP BoomJet is the best on the market. It is almost boom-like in terms of distribution," Jake said. 

Farmers want to know they won't get drift with a longer acting residual herbicide and that's why we selected the ultra-course nozzle with less than 1 per cent drift-prone droplets."

He said fence line weed control had previously been an after thought for most growers and the spray technology traditionally used was far from ideal.

"The standard has been to use an off-centre (OC), flat fan nozzle, but these nozzles produce a significant proportion of small droplets that can drift and result in damage to neighbouring paddocks. Depending on the size, with OC nozzles we could be looking at as much as 30-50pc of the nozzles output being classified as driftable."

"Ultimately, sub-optimal application along fence lines will lead to weed resistance and after years of poor management with incorrect nozzle technology, it's now time to fix it."

Jake said Uragan and the XP BoomJet was a case of "matching the product to a specific nozzle."

"They match up really well. We know such products can produce very effective control of problematic weed banks, but how they are applied has a huge bearing on how well they work. Bringing these two together is the 'Holy Grail.'"

He said the spray kit could be used on the boom end or with a ute tray-mount sprayer, small trailing unit or ATV sprayer. 

The full kit includes the accurate XP BoomJet boomless nozzle, a wet or dry mount nozzle body assembly with shut-off tap, and fence line calibration and installation instructions. 

"We are excited that Adama has chosen to work with us on the best application technology for fence line spraying and we have tried to make it as clear and easy as possible for farmers," Jake said. 

The nozzle kit is free with every two packs of Uragan purchased. For further information, farmers can contact their local reseller or visit www.uragan.com.au


For more information please contact:

Jock Leys

Senior Product Manager

Email: jock.leys@adama.com

uragan herbicide controlling resistant annual ryegrass 12 months after application
Jake Lanyon Technical Specialist with TeeJet Australasia