Canadian Ag Retails to Compete for $30k in ADAMA's #ThankARetailer Contest

Thank a Retailer Community Contest

For Immediate Release. 

Starting today, ag retails across Canada are going head to head to bring home $30,000 in funding for their communities. 

ADAMA’s annual #ThankARetailer community contest pays homage to the ag retailers that do so much for Canada’s rural communities. Each year, four outstanding ag retails are selected to receive grand prizes of $15,000, which they can spend on a community initiative of their choice. 

This year, ADAMA plans to give back in an even bigger way. Once the four regional winners are selected in February of 2018, they will compete in a second round of voting to become the national champion, who will receive an extra $15,000 for their community, for a grand total of $30,000. 

“Ag retailers are the unspoken heroes of the agriculture industry,” said Andrew Mann, CEO of ADAMA. “They aren’t just brick-and-mortar retail locations. Often, they donate time, money and manpower to better their communities. So we wanted to help Canada’s ag communities say ‘thanks.’” 

Retailer nominations are open now through January 4, 2018, and can be completed online at The form is simple, asking for a photo of the ag retailer and a series of short-answer questions about why they deserve to win. From start to finish, it should take about 10-15 minutes to complete — a small price to pay for a $30,000 grand prize. 

If you’re thinking about participating, “don’t let the size of another community or organization stop you,” said Kimberly Payne, Executive Director of the South Huron Hospital Foundation, who received funding during last year’s contest. “Be organized, get on social media, put up signs, talk to people and put yourself out there. If you believe strongly in your cause, if you know your community will stand behind you, you’ve really got a chance.” 

Last year’s winning ag retails chose to fund an array of community projects, including building an outdoor classroom, repairing a community skating rink and constructing a residential hospice called Jessica’s House. 

“We have great customers,” said Joanne Schoff of Bashaw Crop Services, one of the 2017 contest winners.  “To be able to give back in a way that benefits them, that’s a pretty great feeling.” 

As ADAMA launches its second run of the #ThankARetailer contest on November 8, the team looks forward to doing more for Canadian ag retails and the communities they support. 


To nominate an outstanding retailer in your town, or to learn more about the 2017 winners and the contest in general, visit