SQUADRON® II (Eastern Canada)

A broad-spectrum herbicide registered for grass and broadleaf weed control in a wide range of crops, most notably soybeans and potatoes. Can work alone or in combination with recommended tank mixes.

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Key crops and application rates

Metribuzin inhibits the photosynthesis of grass and broadleaf weeds. Used pre-emergent susceptible weeds and crop seedlings emerge through treated soil, but 2 – 5 days later the weeds show chlorosis and necrosis. Plants treated post-emergent show chlorosis and necrosis between leaf veins, followed by wilting and death.

Registered Crops:

Soybeans, Potatoes, Transplanted Tomatoes (Grown for processing), Asparagus (Established), Sweet White Lupins, Processing Carrots, Fruit Trees (Newly planted and established), Highbush Blueberries (Newly planted)

Key Weeds Controlled:

Grass Weeds

Barnyard Grass, Green Foxtail, Cheat Grass, Johnson Grass (Seedling) Crab Grass, Witch Grass, Fall Panicum, Yellow Foxtail, Giant Foxtail


Carpetweed1, Prickly Mallow, Cocklebur Prostrate Pigweed, Common Chickweed, Common Ragweed, Russian Thistle, Corn Spurry3, Shepherd’s Purse, Dandelion (Seedling), Stinkweed2, Green Smartweed, Velvetleaf, Hempnettle3, Wild Buckwheat2, Jimsonweed1, Wild Mustard, Lady’s-Thumb, Wild Potato Vine, Lamb’s-Quarter, Yellow Woodsorrel1

3 Suppression with multiple POST-EMERGENCE applications of 200 g/ha

Application Rates

Refer to label for application rates as these vary by crop, soil and application type.

Regions available

Eastern Canada

Active ingredient