ADAMA Canada’s Organizational Update; Changes Creating National Alignment and Focus

Winnipeg, MB, Canada — ADAMA Canada is excited to announce several key organizational changes designed to create stronger national alignment and focus, while simultaneously building a foundation for accelerated future growth.

Buck Peters, former Western Business Manager, has entered into a new role as National Sales Manager. All Area Business Managers (ABMs) across Canada now report to Buck, who will continue to implement a strong retail strategy and focus. Alongside his talented and dynamic ABM team, Buck will lean on the wealth of experience that comes from once owning, then operating, a major retailing organization, as he continues to build and solidify ADAMA’s preferred partner status with our retail customers.

Additionally, Don Surgeoner will shift focus, assuming a new role as Account Manager, Eastern Canada. While reporting to Marco Haro, Don’s responsibilities will focus on implementing ADAMA Canada’s distribution strategy, which includes increasing overall communication and understanding of the uniquely differentiated strategic value that ADAMA Canada’s simplified business model can bring to its network of customers in Eastern Canada. In addition, Don will continue his efforts and responsibilities as Canadian Non-Crop Manager, supporting our ever-growing non-crop and Quali-Pro (turf) products businesses.

As previously announced, we also welcome Marco Haro into the newly created role of Commercial Manager. In this role, Marco assumes responsibility for all commercial activities, including our pricing strategy as it relates to the ADAMA Canada branded product portfolio, as well as our distribution and retailer offers and initiatives. Marco’s experience both internationally and in Canada’s Ag retail sector is the perfect combination of fresh perspective, big-picture thinking and drive to accomplish ADAMA’s aggressive, long-term commercial strategy.  

Marco’s new role will allow Darren Palendat, Product Strategy Manager – who previously managed commercial activities in addition to portfolio strategy – to now devote more time and focus on product/portfolio strategy. With this re-focusing and realignment, our objective is to fuel and accelerate the rate at which we are expanding ADAMA’s future pipeline, including:

  1. Producing the first off-patent alternative products
  2. Building a differentiated products portfolio through the creation of unique formulations and combination of existing chemistries
  3. Adding truly proprietary chemistries through acquisition or licensing opportunities.

Todd Denofreo, a regulatory veteran, has also joined the Canadian team as Regulatory Leader, filling a recently-vacated role. Having previously worked with the PMRA as well as proprietary and off-patent manufacturers, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Currently employed by our ADAMA US affiliate, Todd will be relocating from the ADAMA US office in Raleigh, NC to Kingston, ON early this year.

In late 2017, ADAMA Canada also expanded its salesforce. Stuart Cullen joined the team as Area Business Manager for Ontario in December, while Kim Fowler took on the newly-created role of Area Business Manager, South-East Saskatchewan in November 2017, after we identified a need for a fourth sales area in that region.

Based on the focus, tremendous talent and perseverance generated by the entire ADAMA team, we are poised to launch several new products into the Canadian market — four of which will debut in 2018. Included in these 2018 announcements is DAVAI, Canada’s first alternative imazamox product, and NIMITZ, a unique and proprietary nematicide. These developments, along with our intentional, accelerated advancement of our product pipeline, has also sparked the search for a second Regulatory Manager to round out the Canadian team.

In recent years, ADAMA Canada has experienced tremendous customer acceptance of the simplified business approach, living our promise to Simply. Grow. Together. This exceptional, ever-increasing demand for our products has helped us double in size, both in sales and headcount, culminating in the opening of the new Canadian headquarters in Winnipeg, MB.

It is very clear ADAMA Canada is moving forward strategically and intentionally within Canadian agriculture, and with plenty of momentum to carry us into 2018 and beyond.